Valentine’s Day campaign by Fortune Oil is a lesson in clever tactical comeback


Fortune, Adani Wilmar’s edible oil brand, has grasped the chance to transform an unforeseen adverse occurrence into a clever marketing plan for topical issues. One must note that Fortune had been the subject of memes and trolls not so long ago when its brand ambassador, Sourav Ganguly, suffered a heart attack. The healthy heart proposition of Fortune Oil came under attack. But the oil brand approached the situation quite smartly and briefly held back the campaign in which the brand was endorsed by Ganguly.

But Fortune turned the tables on the Memers and Trolls this Valentine’s Day by coming out with a print advertisement starring Sourav Ganguly. The Fortune ad said, using the long copy format, ‘Today seems like a good day to chat about the heart.’ The reasoning is subtle and tactical. Why do people speak just on ‘World Heart Day’ (September 29) about heart problems?  Isn’t February 14th also about ‘heart problems,’ but in a separate context.

The copy begins with the former India captain reassuring his fans, in the form of a letter from Ganguly to fans that his heart is “just right”. “It’s as amazing as it was when I played. The niggle was only in the artery leading to the heart,” the copy says. The ad finishes by telling people on Valentine’s Day to make themselves a “Heart Promise” and then urging others they love to embrace the promise as well.

Fortune has scored a great tactical comeback with this print ad. Brands usually interact with activities that are important to them. But here, the quintessential Valentine’s Day heart icon has been transformed by brand Fortune into a treatment for your heart proposal. Brands sometimes ought to think out of the box and come out and stand out with something new, which is what Fortune Oil has done.

Valentine’s Day is a good day to lay to rest any speculation. After the news of Dada’s heart disease spread, social media has been buzzing with views of the brand’s next step. The brand and agency departments may have had countless hours of sleepless dreaming on what’s next. It also showed a conviction and a commitment to a partnership. And then, they came across as embracing their vulnerabilities.

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