WeWork launches its campaign “When Plans Change, Plan With WeWork”


In December 2020, WeWork announced the launch of its new “When Plans Change, Plan With WeWork” multi-film campaign consisting of a range of month-long brand films. The flexible and persistent human spirit that allowed us to endure the unparalleled impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent work we all went through from home experiences is celebrated in each video. The first video for the campaign went live on Dec 11th, 2020, and focussed on what we missed most about our workplace.

On January 25th, 2021, the second video featuring comedian and influencer Rahul Subramaniam went online, portraying the inconveniences caused by WFH. The third video went live today, staying true to the concept of going back to work, humorously portraying the experience of attending Zoom calls with teams and friends, from home and illustrating the challenges in a relatable way. Recently, one of the most viral videos/memes circulated online around the world portrayed the struggle of a lawyer who was trapped in a cat filter on a Zoom call as he shared his account with his child. The video struck a chord with people all over the world and was widely circulated.

WeWork’s new video also captures the hardships of online Zoom calls that have been a regular chore for almost a year. It reveals how difficult it is to replicate the atmosphere and experience of the workplace at home, in particular, technological logistics through relatable scenarios. Even a quick call to work with coworkers is difficult to handle, leading to funny and relatable situations. The film lightly highlights how this modern standard has changed the way we work and how carrying out a WeWork is the easiest way to tackle efficiency and logistical obstacles. The modular workplace provider provides versatility, teamwork, and community while giving priority to protection, which is great to inspire you to get back to work and feel the office culture that you have missed.

At WeWork, they work relentlessly to ensure that their staff and members have what they need for an optimal work environment while keeping their health and welfare at the forefront. With this campaign and this new video, they just want to reassure you that they are coping with all the homework issues and have a one-stop solution.

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