‘Sangharsh Ka Saathi’ campaign launched by Jivraj9 Tea Group


Jivraj9 tea bunch launches their most recent campaign “Sangharsh Ka Saathi”, which celebrates various journeys of life with a good mix of Jivraj9 tea items. Jivraj9 is one of the main Indian tea organizations known for its extraordinary smell and standard tea mix, for over eighty years now.

Zero Gravity communications, the office behind the campaign was welcomed energetic with digital mandates for the brand since 2020. While making an advanced guide for the brand, the office conceptualized this emphasis of their current situating “Sangharsh ka Saathi”.

Pratik Gandhi, an acclaimed Indian actor with Gujarati background is cast for the campaign. Pratik has his own battle story of going from working as an engineer while dealing with his acting profession, doing theaters, Gujarati movies doing a critically praised web-series. ZGC re-conceptualized Jivraj’s tagline – ‘Sangharsh ka Saathi’ and constructed it around Pratik’s real life story.

Pathik Shah, Executive Director of the Jivraj9 tea group, said, “Every life has its on journey with an distinct way and our brand is having a tiny impact in that journey.

“Tea became an essential part of individuals’ life particularly in India, and I am happy how we are increasing present expectations with keeping up the good quality and standards of smell and taste,” Shah said.

Rushabh Shah, Executive Director of Jivraj 9 tea group, said, “Jivraj9 tea has consistently held on and respected individuals and communities who have come out successfully from difficult circumstances.

“All our communications and campaigns so far have been around a similar idealogy. We salute the individual journey so far and that makes us a true Sangharsh ka Saathi,” Shah added.

Khushboo Sharma, Director of Zero Gravity Communications, said, “Pratik Gandhi has been generally acclaimed across the country for his new web-series but the grind behind it is unknown and it depicts the tagline – “Sangharsh ka Saathi”. While dealing with this idea we were unable to think about a superior fit to begin our first mission in this arrangement.

“The extra aligning factor was Jivraj9 and Pratik Gandhi both come from Surat. Going ahead we will be looking at building more such stories and weaving our brand communication around it,” Sharma added.

Jivraj 9 Tea group, with being an established and leading Tea brand in Gujarat, with a solid presence in Maharashtra, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Rajasthan, etc nationally and exports in UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Australia, etc internationally. Jivraj9 recently launched Green tea Cava, while having a differed range like premix, instant blend, special tea mixes, and value added tea.


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