Fraazo’s One Touch Delivery To Ensure Safe & Hygienic Fresh Produce From Farm To Fork


With Covid-19 and its variants on the rise once again, people are getting increasingly anxious about moving about in public, even if it is to shop for daily essentials such as groceries. To protect one’s family and self from contracting the virus, consumers are increasingly opting for online mediums over offline channels for grocery shopping.

In such a situation, Fraazo, India’s second largest Quick Commerce player in India with 250 dark stores, presents itself as the only platform that can put a customer’s mind at ease by virtue of their three main USPs;

  1. Freshness quotient of all the produce
  2. One-touch Delivery model &
  3. End to end supply chain

Fraazo’s robust supply chain is one of the major reasons why it’s relatively easier for Fraazo to provide A+ customer service and experience. While consumers are anticipating a lockdown across the country with stricter restrictions on movement in public places, Fraazo is gearing up to service orders uninterrupted as they continue to grow their dark store and rider count. However, other players in the category may face challenges as they are associated with third party vendors and suppliers for the smooth functioning of their business, unlike Fraazo.

The process of One touch delivery consists of bringing the produce to collection centers to further go through quality checks, which is the only time the vegetables and fruits are touched; to pack and ship them to dark stores. With collection centres in 26 districts across 7 states, the green grocer is the only player that offers a one-touch delivery model which ensures customers receive produce safely and free of contamination. By minimising the number of times the produce has come in human contact, Fraazo has safeguarded the quality of the harvest from farm to fork.

Fraazo is projecting a revenue of $ 1 billion, with an aim to reach 10 million orders a month and 20 million households by 2023. The green grocer’s intention is to grow 10x by June-July 2022 and to support their growth they will increase their delivery rider count from 3,000+ to over 20,000 in the next few months. In addition to that, they are looking forward to increasing their dark stores toll to a whopping 750 from 250. Additionally, they will inch closer to a network of 1 lakh farmers supplying farm fresh produce to all their dark stores. This will not only further their goal  to reach 15 cities by the following year, but also reinforce them as a disruptive leader in the category.