COLLINS reimagines audience platform OpenWeb


To help publishers prosper, COLLINS reimagines audience platform OpenWeb

For the audience engagement platform OpenWeb, COLLINS has created a new brand system that is both comprehensive and symbolic.

OpenWeb, a mission-driven enterprise that aims to improve online conversations, was founded in 2012. It has evolved from a B2B technology company to a mission-driven enterprise that aims to improve online conversations.

On publisher’s sites, OpenWeb promotes healthy debate and community interaction. These publishers, which include Hearst, Yahoo!, Penske Media Corporation, News Corp, and over 1,000 others, can use multiple channels to build powerful and engaged communities.

COLLINS was asked to lead not only a rebranding, but a full-fledged “reimagination” of OpenWeb to represent both its evolution and its aim to build relationships between publishers, readers, and advertisers through healthy online dialogue. COLLINS Design Director Megan Bowker states, “We collaborated with their leadership team to develop a new identity, both verbal and visual, based on a new strategic foundation we crafted with them to address their highest desire.” “They have a large mindset.”

Bowker describes the project as “one of the more distinctive creative and strategic projects” the agency has worked on. This was not a simple brand job, she explains. “The first stage was to focus on the artistic brief. Our eventual brand emerged from our constant dialogues – as well as market research – to ensure that we all had a consistent view of the underlying problem and the biggest opportunity.”

COLLINS, in an ingenious move that defies many internet brands’ formulaic tendencies, instead looked to 19th-century typography and newspaper headlines from decades past for inspiration, resulting in a narrative that not only represents OpenWeb’s core belief in written communication, but also one that would hopefully resonate with readers.

“What OpenWeb needed was a strong voice that would not only represent their ideal future but also promote better conversations daily explains Bowker.

OpenWeb had to make it clear that they’re not like everyone else. We believe that if we speak clearly and confidently, this wonderful thought will spread far.”

“Working with COLLINS has been a wonderful experience,” says OpenWeb Co-Founder/CEO Nadav Shoval, who adds, “Together, we brought our vision to bring online communication to life – redefining our brand to represent the mission-driven firm we are today.” We’re proud of our collaboration with COLLINS and looking forward to what’s next.”

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