Tinder shows first dates and next steps in relationships through 4 new ads


As the first month of a new year begins, people make promises and resolutions. Some will try to join a gym while others will try to travel more to new destinations.

But some are pleading to dating apps to help them match with someone as they can’t stay single for another year. Tinder, in their new ad campaign, launched 4 new ads about how singles match with each other and form a connection.

The brand also shows how these connections evolve into relationships that last. The brand also tries to signify what the app essentially stands for. It wants people to find each other and have a meaningful connection, unlike the western countries where people use the app for a one-night-stand.

Each film deals with a ‘first’. The first ad displays the concept of the first date. When two people swipe right on each other, both parties will arrange a date. The ad shows montages of different couples going on a first date.

The second film shows the first kisses. The ad shows from the time the couples begin dating to the time they share the first kisses. It beautifully depicts couples and how they share their time. The ad also features couples from the LGBTQ+ community.

The next film shows the next step in a relationship that the couples take. We see a couple video calling their parents. The segment depicts the couple meeting each of their parents for the first time. The next segment shows a couple making their relationship official by deleting the tinder app.

Another segment shows a couple moving in together to start a new life. Similarly, the last segment shows a woman proposing to a man and taking their relationship to the final stage.

The last film also shows the first sorry’s and how couples apologise to each other and make-up by different methods. Tinder tries to show in their campaign that by swiping right on a man or a woman, one can ultimately take a small step to something new and big in their life.

The dating app came into the spotlight during the lockdown when people were stuck at home and were bored.

The apps new features helped people connect with others from around the world. With Omicron spreading around, it wouldn’t be a worry for the desperate singles out there.

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