Nielsen introduces Streaming Signals, a new advertising platform


Nielsen announced the launch of Streaming Signals, a new solution for connected TV (CTV) operators and advertisers who are watching a show within the household, the next step in gaining a better understanding of who watches what programs and presenting ads more effectively at the individual level.

Streaming Signals is a first-of-its-kind system that allows both media buyers and sellers to optimize and measure CTV reach for more efficient advertising, maximizing ad revenue and delivery to streaming viewers.

The majority of CTV advertising is currently done at the home level. Households, on the other hand, are frequently made up of people with a wide range of interests.

Clients of Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) will benefit from Streaming Signals because the two technologies work together to optimize and measure CTV reach for more efficient advertising.

Streaming Signals uses bespoke machine learning methods to establish who is in the household based on previous viewership statistics, and then sends a signal to CTV operators within 50 milliseconds indicating who is currently streaming program content.

As a result, advertisers and agencies can make better, faster decisions about how to reach their target audiences, reducing the amount of irrelevant advertising delivered to viewers. As a result, by offering real-time advertising to the correct demographic, media owners can attract more media revenues with more accurately packed ad inventory.

This approach is achievable thanks to machine learning algorithms, Nielsen’s gold-standard panel data, and CTV provider viewership statistics, which allows for rapid assignment of person-level demographics.

Once the CTV provider has been integrated, the Nielsen system will be notified, and the CTV provider will get a signal including information about who is most likely watching in the home.

Instead of the previously reserved ad, the CTV provider can now play a more suitable commercial. For example, if a household watches Sons of Anarchy, the 35-year-old male who is most likely viewing the show will be served an auto ad rather than a yogurt commercial, allowing CTV operators to fine-tune ad delivery from their inventory.

“Nielsen Streaming Signals offers a layer of unequaled real-time, person-level demographic precision to audience optimization,” said Ameneh Atai, Nielsen’s General Manager Digital and Advanced TV. Nielsen is the only one who is breaking up the family.

When analyzing CTV advertising, customers have traditionally looked at the on-target proportion. By knowing who is behind the CTV screen before the ad is served, Streaming Signals enables clients to have a positive impact on that proportion.

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