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The pandemic has re-shaped our perspective around the responsibilities of fathers reception and therefore the way they’re adapting to a replacement way of life while simultaneously fulfilling the promise of protecting their family. Recognising the larger role played by fathers towards the family also because the society, this Father’s Day, SBI life assurance, one among the foremost trusted private life insurers within the country, released a heart-warming digital film. It portrays the protective and emotional side of a father towards his changing responsibilities amidst the pandemic.

 SBI Life’s #PapaHainNa digital property has been successfully running since 2015. On every Father’s Day, SBI Life has been launching a replacement film showcasing the supportive side of a father and his influence on his family, especially his children. These films capture different aspects of fatherhood – from the role of a father because of the ‘protector’ of his family to the flavour of recent fatherhood to capturing the valuable moments between a father and child during the lockdown.

 Ravindra Sharma, Chief of brand name, Corporate Communication & CSR, SBI Life, explains the whole rationale behind the film and the way they keep culling out new insights for his or her film to celebrate Father’s Day and keep the sentiment alive well beyond the annual occasion.

 What was your objective for this year’s Father’s Day campaign – #PapaHainNa? Please tell us about the rationale or thinking behind this and where did the insight for this campaign come from?

 Since 2015, SBI life assurance has owned the fatherhood space through its #PapaHainNa property and used various insights to chop through the cultural nuances and showcase a father’s, unspoken love. In an attempt to acknowledge the role of a father because the protector of the family, year after year, because the #PapaHainNa property continues to grow stronger, it further combines brand SBI Life’s ownership of this area.

 While we all are cognizant of how the pandemic has been impacting our lives, work-life, social gatherings, everything has changed and we’ve adapted to the requirements of a post-COVID-19 world. it’s also redefined relationships, both domestic and professional. We realised the necessity to recognise the unique societal standing of fathers, who are playing the role of both provider and protector for not only the immediate family but even for people beyond the family who are hooked into them. the target for SBI Life #PapaHainNa Father’s Day conversation was to spotlight the evolving role of fathers and therefore the new responsibilities haunted by them during the pandemic.

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