Taproot Dentsu launches UC toilet cleaning service campaign


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Many shoppers desire a clean and shiny bathroom but feel that their ordinary girls are failing to deliver on it. Urban Company, Asia’s leading domestic services market, wants to close the gap with its home cleaning services. The company, in partnership with Taproot Dentsu, an art company from Dentsu India, has launched a campaign highlighting the company’s work-in-progress.

The campaign highlights and makes consumers aware of how Urban Company Professional Cleaning is superior to their usual virgin cleaning method. It consists of two films, which show a humorous retreat between the host and the housekeeper in the inadequate cleaning of, in this case, the toilet. The films show the critical features of stain removal and add a light to the design and look and the perfect bathroom. On record, the second film will go live July 10, 2021.

Commenting on the campaign, Ayesha Ghosh, CEO, Taproot Dentsu said, “It was a great idea to use this lady as a paid cleaning service representative at Urban Company. Instead of defending her cleaning skills, the girl points to the marked height of the Urban Company. While UC’s toilet cleaning service will never replace this girl’s toilet cleaner now, with this campaign we expect it to be used more often and give the toilet the light it deserves. ”

Commenting on the campaign, Smit Shukla, Director-Marketing, Urban Company, said, “Consumers want a very clean and shiny bathroom but are currently compromising on standard basic cleaning that does not provide the expected level of cleanliness and light in their homes. Urban Company’s professional cleaning therefore aims to provide high-quality house cleaning and washing with 10X high color removal and durable light for two months Vs standard toilet cleaning. Our professional cleaners’ vessels and their professional equipment ensure that consumers receive clean, shiny toilets on a regular basis.”

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