Iba Cosmetics appoints Pitchfork Partners to lead strategic communication


Iba Cosmetics –PETA-certified and India’s first Halal-certified, cruelty-free beauty and vegan brand–has appointed Pitchfork Partners as its corporate communication lead. Pitchfork will raise the reputation of the brand and strengthen its position as an organization dedicated to the making of ethical cosmetic products.

 Iba Cosmetics is headed by sisters Grishma Teli and Mauli Teli. Its products are free from pig fat, alcohol, all animal-derived ingredients & harsh chemicals like parabens, ammonia sulphates and bleaching agents. Its products are compliant with the moral needs of different customers, including Muslims, Jains, vegans and vegetarians. The brand features a wide selection of products, from cosmetics like lipsticks, Kajal, breathable nail colours to non-public care products like face washes, shampoos, hair oil, etc. All products are carefully developed and made to assure efficacy, purity and safety.

 The products retail in India through exclusive Iba stores, leading medical and cosmetics stores, also as online through Amazon, Nykaa, Snapdeal, etc.

 Mauli Teli, CEO and Director, Iba Cosmetics, said: “Most consumers aren’t aware that their cosmetics contain several animal-derived ingredients. there’s also a scarcity of awareness regarding what “halal” means and the way it automatically translates to cruelty-free, healthy choices. Internationally, there’s a huge demand for halal offerings, especially in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. In India, halal-certified products are hard to come by but after conducting various research, we realized many customers are looking for halal, cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics. So, Iba was born, our products are ethically manufactured using potent ingredients without using pig fat, carmine, etc and are made under extremely hygienic conditions. it’s important to spread awareness regarding Halal cosmetics and Iba’s role in bringing the halal way of life to everyone. We glance forward to working with Pitchfork Partners to try to do that. Pitchfork’s passion and zeal match our own when it involves educating the audience about our purpose. Its expertise will play a key role in the success of our communication agenda. We see an enormous opportunity for our messaging when matched with the proper audience and Pitchfork has the credentials to help us.”

 Jaideep Shergill, Co-founder, Pitchfork Partners, said: “We are happy to partner with Iba Cosmetics. Its values are the key assets when leveraging a brand. It’s an excellent niche.” Pitchfork Partners may be a strategy consultancy committed to taking care of clients’ reputations. This is important at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed the business landscape, from customer mobility to media consumption and provide chains.

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