Nykaa the beauty brand that inspires Indian Women


Nykaa is an Indian retail seller company of beauty, fashion and wellness products. However, Nykaa is a retail selling company as well. Therefore, it sells products that are manufactured in India as well as internationally. Falguni Nayar, the founder of Nykaa, founded it in 2012. Gradually the company gained momentum and grew from a retail store to began producing makeup products. Today the company holds pan Indian stores.  

Nykaa has grown one of the country’s leading beauty and fashion destination. But what’s more, trending now is their new campaign titled “All that you love, “starring their brand ambassador Janhvi Kapoor. Nykaa has successfully managed to change the relationship between Indian women and beauty products. The brand has been by the side of every Nykaa woman in their journey of experimenting with color.  The campaign highlights this strong relationship every Nykaa woman has with her beauty products while also tipping a hat to the brand’s relationship with consumers. 

Featuring a playful conversation between Janhvi and her partner, the film represents the whole Nykaa women. The film highlights the unapologetic relationship a woman has with her beauty products. The connection with beauty products goes deeper than one can imagine! From makeup to skincare, women genuinely enjoy every bit of the process of making themselves look beautiful. Be it makeup or skincare products, it’s self-love for women. Experimenting and creating a personal style is always an excellent way to start a busy day. 

Commenting on the campaign launch, Shalini Raghavan, Group CMO, Nykaa, said, “At Nykaa, a shared love for beauty has underpinned our relationship with consumers. By listening to them dearly and constantly bringing their beauty desires to their doorstep, we have become a much-loved and a part of their lives, and we greatly value this recognition. With our All that you love campaign, we want to acknowledge their emotional connection with us and invite many more women to experience the joy of discovering Nykaa’s limitless world of beauty that spreads across categories and choices.” 

Recently celebrated actress Katrina kaif joined hands with Nykaa to promote her beauty brand Kay beauty. In an era, women are coming forth and filling the gaps between gender bias Nykaa and its founder Falguni Nayar are setting an example for the younger, stronger generations. 

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