Nykaa celebrates Valentine’s Day with a short film “#AddToHeart”


With a short film, #AddToHeart, Nykaa celebrates Valentine’s Day. This film by Nykaa, moving beyond the cliché of chocolates and roses, is a celebration of love in its truest ways. The film unravels 5 heart-warming love stories that meet in the most unexpected ways, starring film and web series actor, Shreya Dhanwanthary.

Via the protagonist’s inner reflections and musings, they are taken on a journey through one crucial Valentine’s Day in the lives of 5 separate individuals. At first, none of the characters and relationships in the film are as they seem – and as the film continues, several unforeseen connections are uncovered. The joy of the movie lies in this style, where you believe you’re watching one kind of love story, only to find out that you’re watching so many more.

A tale of unusual romance and friendships that endure. Of a man and his best mate, and the unexplained generosity of strangers. Of marriage’s joys and comforts and the value of self-love. A fitting homage to our ever-expanding potential for love in the film and the campaign #AddToHeart by Nykaa. And there’s still space for something that #AddToHeart will do when it comes to love. The campaign will debut on Nykaa, and will also be featured on Nykaa’s Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels.

At pivotal moments in the film, the categories that Nykaa brings to customers such as Makeup, Apparel, Lingerie, Pet Care, and brands such as Nykaa Beauty & Kay Beauty. It highlighting the tiny but essential ways in which Nykaa brand offerings help elevate the moments that matter in our lives. Nykaa has produced a thought-provoking film once again that hits the necessary chords. On one hand, as we know it, the film sheds the confines of love, challenges us to redefine what love is to us, and examines the unforeseen connections and ties we develop in our lives with various people.

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