Protection from germs and love for hands


With the launch of brand new Bisleri Hand Purifiers, the brand Bisleti International has announced its entry into the personal hygiene section. The brand’s focus has always been on consumer satisfaction and needs; they promise to extend this trust with the hygiene range. Sanitizers have become a necessity since the onset of the pandemic.

People are becoming health-conscious by the day. It is noted that The frequent use of sanitizers harms the consumer’s skin. The skin is left dry and feels itchy very often. Bisleri arrives with a solution, a sanitizer meant for everyday use that provides safety against germs and nourishment for the skin. The range of products offered by the brand is unique and travel-friendly. It comes both in gel and spray formats. The gel sanitizer is enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and Glycerol which retains hands moisture and keeps them fresh, healthy, and soft. It is available in 200, 100, and 50 ml SKUs. The Multipurpose Spray variants are specially made for all kinds of surfaces and hands. They are available in 200 and 100 ml spray bottles.

The unique and refreshing fragrances infused in Bisleri’s Hand Purifiers are bliss. Consumers get refreshed with the citrusy aroma of Bisleri Hello Sunshine, can enjoy Bisleri By The Bay, which is infused with a misty aqua fragrance, and the sweet floral scent of Bisleri Lovely is enchanting. The packaging is very premium and differentiated from all regular sanitizers. All these products are priced affordable and budget-friendly, also comes in premium packaging. The unique packaging design, skin-nourishing formulation, and fine fragrances were developed under the guidance and supervision of the Vice Chairperson of Bisleri, Ms. Jayanti Chauhan.

The recent campaign launched by the brand for its new product Bisleri hand purifiers expresses the uniqueness of the product through a simple message – “For the love of hands.” The campaign showcase the premium sanitizing experience while providing rejuvenation, safety, and care. The visuals simply stress that Bisleri hand purifiers offer protection and keep the hands soft, refreshing, and fragrant.

CEO Mr. Angelo George, Bisleri International Pvt Ltd, said at the launch, “There has been significant growth in the personal hygiene section with the advent of the pandemic which triggered hygiene and health concerns. Through research, we learned that consumer’s needs have evolved from mere protection against germs to products that provide moisturization and offer refreshing fragrances. When we were developing our hand sanitizer range, we kept this in mind. With our distribution reach across the country, the range of Bisleri hand sanitizers is available at Pharmacies, leading General trade stores, Modern trade outlets, and E-commerce platforms.”

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