Bisleri’s idea of reducing improper disposal of plastic


Recently the whole world celebrated World Environment Day in their unique way to project the importance of our Nature and our responsibility to save it from exploitation and pollution. One of the disturbing factors of pollution is Plastic, its consumption increasing day by day but its disposal makes the situation worse for the environment due to its non-degradable nature. In India, during 2019-2020 there is the generation of 26000 tons of plastic wastage, from which only 60% can be recycled. The remaining 40% of waste goes to sea, drainage and finally make stream towards groundwater. Bisleri one of India’s leading brands of bottled water decided to launch India’s first clean plastics segregation and collection center at Marol, Mumbai. The company has been actively participated in a cleaner and supportive campaign to reduce pollution for many years.

Bisleri will use this center of Marol to segregate and dispose of plastic to tackle the pollution created by plastic. It can process 25 tons of used plastic per month. Interior is designed in a way that recycled bags like biscuits, chips, chocolate wrappers, and 1,50,000 MLP i.e. Multi-layer plastic. The Centre will guide people to take a few steps to properly dispose of plastic so that minimal wastage is created by them. Proper Trained agents and Hygiene parts were taken into consideration to avoid any kind of mismanagement.

Due to non-degradable wastage majorly caused by plastic make pure water unfit to drink as litter has been founded. More like an alarming situation as a world has a very less percentage of freshwater to consume. 

In 2017 Bisleri initiated a Bisleri Showcase Centre which became a part of the ‘Bottles for Change’ program, it aims to provide guidance on the proper disposal of plastic bottles to the public and highlight the plastic pollution concern towards them. And with this program, they had recycled almost 6,500 tons of plastic along with awareness among people in mass with help of local bodies.

Bisleri had collaborated with many corporate like Godrej, JP Morgan, Tata Consultancy Services, NSS Wing of Mumbai University, Bombay Stock Exchange, Indian Oil, Western Railways, and Power Grid Corporation of India, Sundaram Medical Foundation.  

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