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Salesforce has launched a new industry-specific application for media cloud advertisement management. The global leaders of CRM have announced a new industry-specific application for managing cross-channel advertising sales.

Publishers such as social media platforms, television and radio stations, online and print newspapers, streaming networks, and retailers generate revenue by selling advertising campaigns for brands. As the number of advertising channels increases, so does the complexity of tracking campaign results and managing available advertising inventory. Managing all functions across 23 systems can lead is quite bothersome due to frequent switching and is prone to errors. The app provides an integrated platform to view available advertising sales and track campaign performance from across different channels.

Some of the key features are; Growing Advertising Sales with a Unified Platform. With advertising sales management, the advertisers can run their campaigns in different channels like digital, audio, and just a single platform. Streamlining Advertising Operations and Sales with Automation. The app reduces errors by eliminating manual processing and data entry—optimizing Campaign Performance with the View of Truth. To help optimize the advertising performance, dashboards, and analytics.

Christopher Dean, GM, and VP, Media Cloud, said, “In today’s digital world, We understand the complex process that comes with managing advertising and the hassle of managing data and switching channels. Advertising Sales Management is a solution to the complex process for hassle-free advertising. we aim to give publishers one simple platform to help and enhance their team and work performance.”

Karsten Weide, Program VP, Media & Entertainment, said the Media industry needs the right tools and technical aid to minimize the complexity from RFP to post-campaign. Several mainstream brands are now all set to utilize the benefits of Advertisement sales management. Strategic partners like Deloitte, Accenture, and PwC, in addition to partners like Shift CRM – a Silverline Company, Dentsu, and V2 Strategic Advisors are all set to accelerate their customer deployment through Advertising Sales Management for Media Cloud. Sony Pictures Network, India is planning to implement Advertising Sales Management for Media Cloud. SPNI reaches 167 countries across 26 channels and 700 million views. As part of the brand’s digital expansion, SPNI will use Advertising Sales Management to uniform, enhance and modernize its system.

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