Bisleri is back with the camel in their new ad


In terms of boiling it, many families did not want to gamble on their hygiene by drinking tap water. Instead, they will focus on Bisleri, the brand of bottled drinking water. You must have seen in households those big five and 10-litre bottles. Unfortunately, the ‘access’ to care was disrupted by the Corona virus pandemic and the lock downs, and for many households, their connection to Bisleri.

The overwhelming reaction to their former advertisements has put Bisleri’s camel back in the forefront with their newest advertisement featuring Badal, the camel. Camels from the campaign ‘Samajhdaar Jaante Hain’ released in 2018 are back into a new avatar.

It’s an animated advertisement made by 82.5 Communications where we see ‘Badal’ telling a reporter, who’s covering how the pandemic has left the city dusty and thirsty, that now Bisleri is providing home delivery. And he does so with his inimitable style of delivery.

While India has ‘unlocked’ it has not restored all facilities to pre-COVID standards. And seeing how ‘health’ and ‘immunity’ have grown to the level of ‘god-like’ in the last few months, Bisleri’s initiative to provide home delivery comes at a timely moment, offering household support and even reopened offices.

Anuraag Khandelwal, ECD and creative head (Mumbai), 82.5 Communications, India, said, “Creating this campaign was hard for us not to shoot. And we weren’t trying to appear opportunistic. The idea was to tell the stories in a truly Bisleri style which informed and entertained. And then, ‘Don’t worry, ‘ab Ghar aayegi Bisleri’ came up. That was yet another enjoyable and rewarding campaign to make.

Anjana Ghosh, Marketing and Business Development Officer, Bisleri International, said, “Consumers have been facing significant restrictions in obtaining basic needs due to lock down over the last few months. The supply chain has been affected, vital stores have been shut down, people have had to stand in long queues at the possibility of overcrowding, they have been unable to handle work from home lives while they have to go out and get their basic needs.

Water, being a necessity, Bisleri recognized the difficulties faced by the consumers at a very initial point of the lock down period and was able to offer quick solutions by facilitating direct and secure home deliveries.

The campaign aims to provide secured and better home deliveries by maintaining the contactless delivery system at the doorstep of the customers.


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