Dabur India Ltd comes up with ‘Ganapati Ratna Modak’


Dabur India Ltd declares to celebrate Ganesh Puja with specially made Ganapati Ratna ‘Modak’. The Ganapati Ratna ‘Modak’ could be a mixture of Dabur Ratanprash and other sweets to convey taste with immunity and healthiness during this Puja. The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is incomplete without abundant consumption of ‘modaks’.

Kids, teens, adults, and even the elderly won’t withstand a decent ‘modak’ as they welcome, worship, and seek blessings from Bappa. An excessive amount of having ‘modaks’ isn’t good for digestion and therefore the current situation isn’t ripe for even a little stomach ache. Nothing is more important than immunity within the present situation.

The company has launched a commercial where an elderly man recollects about his late wife, the ‘modaks’ she prepared during this time, and how he had eaten 8 to 10 at a time. But now he can’t eat them because he has got to keep his health and immunity in mind, and also, he doesn’t understand how to make the ‘modak’. His daughter-in-law then steps in with a plate of ‘modaks’ and tells him that he can eat them because these are Ganpati Ratna ‘modaks’ made of Dabur Ratnaprash which carry blessings of immunity.

“As in step with the COVID-19 pandemic, many puja unions aren’t inclined to place in Ganesh idols, rather, they’re celebrating Puja by carrying out Blood Donation camps in distinct cities. To spice up fitness and increase the immunity of the donors and site visitors throughout this pandemic, we have got created those unique ‘modaks’ made with Dabur Ratanprash, that’s well known for improving immunity.” Durga Prasad, Head Marketing – Dabur Ltd, said.

Dabur Ratnaprash includes quite 40 Ayurvedic ingredients, like Pippalli, Ashwagandha, Giloy, Mulethi, and Abhrakbhasma, which are well-known to refine lung health and boost immunity power. Health is that the main factor that everyone among us should be taken into a degree within the current scenario. The harmful corona viruses are increasing everywhere in the world and we should make sure of ourselves by taking the desired precautions.

Dabur India Ltd has related to various Puja Pandals of Mumbai for this, Lalbag and Girgaon Cha Raja. These ‘modaks’ are going to be distributed among donors who will be taking part in Plasma Donation and Blood Donation Camps in Mumbai.


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