HBO Max to launch in India


WarnerMedia Entertainment may have missed India by launching HBO Max in the United States this year in May, a video streaming service, but the company will soon be taking the platform to India very soon.

“If we want to be a strong player in the Asia-Pacific region, we need to be stronger than the rest of the OTT platforms which are already in the Asia-Pacific region. We don’t really think that we have the scope in India which we are looking for. If we want to get there, the workhorse will be HBO Max,” as said by Gerhard Zeiler, head of international, WarnerMedia in
the APOS Summit 2020, the event is organised and arranged by Media Partners Asia, a free analysis, advisory and consultant focused company that spans the media, public relations and creativity divisions in the Asia Pacific.

“In Asia, we plan to focus on our local membership administration HBO GO and our system of pay direct TV networks, for example, HBO for now,” Warner said in response to Mint’s questions during HBO Max.WarnerMedia runs channels such as HBO, CNN and Cartoon Network in India. While HBO GO is still not readily accessible in India, it is present in countries such as Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam.

In America and Europe, where HBO currently operates premium TV or streaming services, in 2021, HBO is planning to schedule the launch of the localized versions of HBBO Max in Latin American and parts of Europe.
Netflix, Disney+ and Peacock being its biggest rivals, HBO Max has a vast list of hit shows and videos, and a big-budget lineup of exclusive originals filled with actors. Priced at $14.99 per month, it’s one of the most expensive subscription channels in the US relative to Disney+, which is $6.99 per month, while Netflix’s regular subscription package is $12.99.

The subscription-based package features all HBO shows and videos, plus a range of high-profile approved content, including classic American sitcoms such as Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Rick & Morty and South Park. Its original programme includes Personal Life, a romantic comedy starring Anna Kendrick.

In India, if it’s ever launched, HBO Max would have to contend in a cluttered OTT market alongside not only American rivals Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, but also domestic providers such as ZEE5, ALTBalaji and so on which provides the subscription at a very low cost.


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