Nykaa forays into home and travel care essentials with the launch of disinfectant sprays


Nykaa Beauty launches Home & Travel Care Essentials, adding another dimension to its product portfolio. To meet the rising requirement for cleanliness fundamentals in this Lockdown period. The brand from the House of Nykaa presents Veggie Safe for meeting the rising needs for fruit and vegetable cleaner. Travel safe and Home Safe disinfectant sprays for travel and home. All are packaged in dazzling colorful bottles these user-friendly essentials are made to give a splash of cheer to your stay at home schedule while successfully taking care of business.

Nykaa Beauty, which at present offers a collection of over 128 products featuring 977 SKUs under its Cosmetics. Naturals verticals have consistently taken advantage of customer requests and insights when it comes to developing a new product. Under its Cosmetics portfolio the brand has a vast scope for Eye, Lip, Face, Nail of high-quality products, while the Naturals vertical highlights an exotic Wanderlust Bath & Body Range, Skin Secrets Korean Sheet Masks, Skin Potion Facial Oils, etc. Nykaa will keep on turning out launches under the Beauty & Naturals range, while additionally obliging the current needs of its consumers for personal, home care & cleanliness products.

Nykaa is quickly adjusting to the ‘new normal’, as 55% of buyers as indicated by a market survey conducted by Nielsen have demonstrated an inclination towards personal cleanliness & safety products, pushing ahead. Nykaa Beauty was fast enough to act, before launching Clean Hands Sanitizer and Wanderlust Hand Wash to fulfill the growing need in the market. The brand is currently extending its portfolio by including products explicitly intended for home or open-air use, offering expanded protection and cleanliness.

Falguni Nayar, founder & CEO of Nykaa said that “Nykaa had the option to satisfy needs for basic items through the crucial time of the lockdown, beating calculated obstacles and picking up client trust. Over the most recent couple of months, they have reacted quickly to the requirements of their clients, launching a range of cleanliness basics including Hand washes, Hand Sanitizers, Masks, PPE suits, and Thermometers.

Nykaa Beauty’s most recent launch, Veggie Safe offers normally determined cleansing ingredients that can be used to clean all leafy foods. The Home Safe and Travel Safe Disinfectant Sprays contain 84.4% Absolute Alcohol and work with high effectiveness to destroy 99.9% germs. Home Safe is appropriate for all surfaces like mobiles, PCs, door handles, canisters sinks just as conveyance bundles. Travel Safe is for when you are out and about with no entrance to cleanser or water. It is reasonable for all surfaces like vehicles, work areas, seat lifts, and latrine seats. All are available on the website/app.


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