Nykaa Naturals adds 6 new variants to the Sheet Mask portfolio


Nykaa Naturals, an Indian lifestyle retailer of beauty, wellness and fashion products have recently introduced six new variants to its popular sheet masks collection. Nykaa Skin Secrets Sheet Masks are one of the early entrants into the sheet masks category since its launch in 2019 and will now be offering a total of twenty-seven variants.

Backed by revolutionary Korean technology and a blend of home-grown Indian ingredients, this range from Nykaa Naturals is especially formulated for Indian skin and focuses on specific skin concerns. The sheet masks use biodegradable sheets made from wood pulp, making them sustainable even without any compromise in the performance of the products. Skincare is one of the fastest-growing segments in India and has a renewed focus on it as a form of self-care, especially in the last year. Sheet masks, which is a sub-category within this segment, have a widespread domestic and global appeal.

This new launch from Nykaa Naturals comprises six combinations of popular Indian ingredients namely Besan and Turmeric, Cucumber and Aloe Vera, Neem and Turmeric, Saffron and Honey, Sandalwood, and Orange Peel, Tulsi and Yoghurt. The two ingredients in the masks target dual benefits with a special focus on overall skin health. These high performing ingredients aim in deep hydration and gives a famed glow that has made the Korean Glass skin, a worldwide beauty phenomenon.

Reena Chhabra, the CEO of Nykaa Brands said that sheet masks are one of the most evolving verticals of the consumer beauty industry. As a category, it has seen a small increase courtesy of the increase in self-care rituals. She added that Nykaa Skin Secrets is one of the best entry-level offering, both in terms of pricing and effectiveness and its the growing popularity has led them to introduce more variants into the market, to aid consumers in building a personalized routine suited to their skin preferences.

She pointed out that the products are created from the most efficient Korean technology and dual performing ingredients and are proud to offer this sustainable and biodegradable product line for their users. Nykaa Skin Secrets Sheet Masks will be available on the Nykaa website or app and in-stores all over India and are priced at INR 100.

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