WhatsApp tries to alleviate privacy concerns with a new global campaign


 “What brings them same jointly, with the end-to-end encryption, only they know.”

This line is from FB-owned messaging service, WhatsApp’s new global privacy campaign, titled “Message Privately”.

Dubbed ‘Double Date’, the 1st of the 3 ads from the campaign characteristics a double date, where one couple frequently interrupts the other. Annoyed and exhausted, the poor couple WhatsApp each other under the table and share a smile.

The campaign is a brainchild of the advertising agency- BBDO. It will 1st release in Germany & UK, and then in India, Mexico, and Indonesia.

“WhatsApp has come to protect its users’ private messages with end-to-end encryption. Only the people you have messaged can listen/read to your conversation,” read the first tweet from the thread.

“We know how much important is privacy & protection to our users. This year, as a company, we have seen 1st-hand how we created a bit of uncertainty and confusion for our users, how concerned they were about their privacy and the worry that people might be reading their messages,” Eshan Ponnadurai -WhatsApp director of brand and consumer marketing told Marketing Week.

‘Message Privately’ is doubtlessly a conciliatory reply to the global outrage WhatsApp faced before this year, because of its new privacy update.

The messaging app revealed, as a condition for use, that it will share specific user data with FB, sparking fears the social media giant would use the sensitive data to target WhatApp users with ads.

The backlash worked in favor of opponent messaging apps, such as Signal & Telegram. The latter has seen a record number of downloads after Space X & Tesla head Elon Musk tweeted, ‘Use Signal’.

To subside the negativity at that period, WhatsApp took out front-page ads in Indian newspapers, where it attempted to capture what the new privacy policy does and what it doesn’t.

It also brings out a blog post on its website, where it strives to defend the end-to-end encryption of messages& reinforced the company’s commitment to safeguarding people’s security and privacy. In 2018, WhatsApp had launched its first India-specific ad to teach its users how to and how not to use the app. The campaign, made by Taproot Dentsu & executed by Oink Films, dealt with the generation of fake news on the app.

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