SBI launches a health insurance plan called ‘Arogya Supreme’: Have a look


SBI Life Insurance, one of India’s most reputable life insurance firms, was founded in October 2000 and registered with the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) in March 2001.

The COVID-19 epidemic has underlined the necessity of financial security. In the middle of this epidemic, SBI General Insurance, one of India’s major general insurers, has announced the introduction of the ‘Arogya Supreme’ comprehensive health insurance plan.

SBI General Insurance has introduced the ‘Arogya Supreme’ comprehensive health insurance plan. According to the insurance business, it is a specialized plan designed to ensure that clients have complete health insurance coverage, containing 20 basic covers and 8 extra covers.

SBI Arogya Supreme promises a wide variety of amount insured choices up to Rs 5 crore, with clients able to pick from three alternatives based on the sum insured and coverage features – Pro, Plus, and Premium. The new plan also includes customer-friendly features such as Sum Insured Refill, Recovery Benefit, Compassionate Visit, and so on.

Customers will also be able to select a policy duration ranging from one to three years, according to SBI General Insurance.

PC Kandpal, MD & CEO, SBI General Insurance Company, commented on the Arogya Supreme policy, saying, “In today’s context, health insurance has become a need, not an option.” Customers will be able to pick the premium and tenure that best fit their needs with Arogya Supreme, a complete health insurance plan with a reinstatement feature and a wide range of sum insured.”

What has changed?

The Covid-19 epidemic and people’s subsequent hardships have highlighted the need of safeguarding one’s money with appropriate Health Insurance. Those affected are having a variety of therapies due to their various and shifting symptoms.

In such a case where health insurance cover may be depleted, the Arogya Supreme health policy has a refill provision that allows the policyholder to refill the whole amount insured if the existing sum covered under the policy is exhausted due to any treatment.

“Arogya Supreme is a complete product that has been filed with various perks and coverages for a retail client; nevertheless, we aim to gradually cascade all of the filed features/coverages,” the insurer stated.

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