SBI General Insurance with new Health Awareness Ad


SBI General Insurance spreads awareness about health insurance in its new rap song campaign ‘Save Tax’.The video features SBI General employees to resonate and to link with the audience. SBI General has rolled out the new campaign as an awareness initiative that aims to reach people, especially the youth, and to enlighten them with the fundamentals and benefits that are associated with health insurance. This video campaign is the third edition that focuses on notifying people to save tax with health insurance. This new campaign is very decisive and seasonal in the last quarter of the financial year. Due to the situation caused by pandemic Covid-19 in the world and ever-increasing medical fluctuations, we are living in a very unpredictable time, especially related to medical emergencies. This has made health insurance imperative protection rather than just a personal choice for handling medical expenses related to the uncertain incidents that may occur in the future. Thus health insurance offers both benefits and solutions to the users. The ad emphasizes the fact that buying health insurance is of very much importance not only to deal with emergency medical expenses but also to guard our savings for the future. Hence SBI seeks this as the right time to launch its new ad relating to health insurance and necessities. Under the new rap campaign named ‘Sehat Aur Bachat Dono, the bank aids to make the people informed decisions while buying health insurance in the financial year through the diffusion of information regarding saving tax with health insurance. The ad created with a light-hearted rap song conveys the importance of saving tax with health insurance for securing both health and savings. The campaign rolled out in line with the newly introduced tagine Suraksha Aur Bharosa Dono. For making the campaign more realistic and relating it with the common man, SBI casts the full video using the SBI General employees. Considering the overall success of previous campaigns, SBI has continued this route of a rap song campaign and introduced it as season 3.

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