Fireworks short video stories platform announces new feature


One of the most important trends of 2020 is the rise of short format vertical videos as a route that offers the highest brand engagement. With the fact that India has become a mobile and video first country, it establishes the need to integrate vertical short format video in the marketing venture of all brands.

Fireworks, a Silicon Valley-based short video stories platform, has announced an initiative to help Indian brands receive vertical videos generously on their websites and applications. The offer includes the creation of the business’s open story pages and allows for 25 streaming hours of 10,000 video views, the latest interactive story units, and the cost of hosting the videos.

Joyce Andrade, Head of Business Operations at Firework India, said, “Marketers around the world feel the need to interact meaningfully with customers. Mobile First, vertical videos gain significant engagement with the short form of storytelling. While the popularity of this segment as a whole is on the rise, brands in India stand out as the best opportunity to break the shackles of gaining a significant share of the voice.  To accurately offer a roll out to these 100 brands ”

“We found that engagement increased by 65% ​​and sales by 35% when brands used vertical videos to showcase their products and services.”

The US-based Fireworks aims to create a web community for creators, including video consumers, individuals, and brands.  From what Google is considering for a possible acquisition, today, the start-up is betting on the Indian market with a constant appetite for video content.

Fireworks, over the past year, have become ubiquitous with their strategic partnership, which brings significant gains in India. With partners Google Discover, leading telecom operators Vodafone and traditional publishers NDTV and Firework have established remarkable customer touch points that help brands in discovery and engagement. Also, Fireworks has developed a brand-safe environment that moderates all content to suit Indian sensitivities.

Globally, fireworks emit half a million videos per month, of which only 100,000 are currently from India.  According to ComScore, Fireworks has 30 million users per month in India.

Also, Firework introduced pro and enterprise plans that offer more video views and the ability to earn more from brand campaigns.

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