Fresh Era with OpenWrap OTT Programmatic Marketing


The pattern today is to watch content online and over-the-top television. Although these channels have been popular for some time, the new pandemic has made them into a household cornerstone, as audiences are searching for more feedback in a day. OTT Platforms become a profitable place for marketers and web publishers as well as because of the increase in viewing practices. Programming advertisements have made a mark to explore the full potential of the current distributed OTT ecosystem.

Programming ads are about to bring about a revolution in the advertising trends in TV / digital media. An eMarketer report says that up to 2021 it will transact programming 59.4 percent of OTT- and connected TV (CTV) ads. However, their projected CTV ad sales for 2019 at just over 50 percent show that a substantial percentage of advertisements are already sold via upfront or safe offers. The limitations of the assessment are less exposed to advertising opportunities for media buyers and advertisers and their customers based on changes in the market and viewing behavior.

The introduction of a Header offer-a type of programmatic strategy would allow publishers and advertisers to shift the revenue game. Header bidding offers advertisers with a view to acquiring additional advertiser access to many Ad Exchange sites. Announcers profit from exposure and recognition depending on the actions of the audience, on the other side.

Before now, OTT services do not utilize header bidding in full. This application that includes-of-the-art infrastructure systems that incorporate header bids with OTT. To address the challenge, PubMatic, a digital technology firm, introduced OpenWrap OTT, the heading offer solution which centralizes 100% of direct and programmatic demand and preserves and enhances the experience of viewers in the TV industry.

OpenWrap OTT Function

The Prebid server drives OpenWrap OTT. It centralizes both guide and programming specifications in a server-side parallel auction that enables publishers to adapt to adjustments to viewers’ behavior. This maximizes their cost of return and cap. The OpenWrap is readily available and guarantees a consistent level of the user interface, offering complete assistance to connected Television (CTV), tablets, and laptop computers. It adapts implementations such as Server-Side Ad Insertion, which is often used to provide viewers with a TV-like experience by premium video publishers.

“The main goal of publishers and marketers is to provide the best television show,” said Jonas Olsen, VP Photo of PubMatic, “For the audience, OpenWrap OTT provides a way of shifting corporate priorities of our customers. “Our autonomous strategy is guided by Prebid against the next programming phase for the quickly developing OTT and CTV networks.” With OpenWrap’s platform, several complex processes found with standard TV sales and schedules are eliminated.

The platform smooths the waterfall so that it increases the competition between buyers and increases monetization and solves overwhelming problems such as frequency caps, competitive exclusions, and retroactive ads.

Release advantages for advertisers and publishers

The OpenWrap OTT bridges the fragmented OTT Universe with innovative header bidding solutions, adding all its elements to a single, streamlined thread. Content exchanges, demand-side platforms (DSPs), content servers and SSAI pay for 100% of sales. As a result, publishers have seen the bid density and filling rates increase substantially and increasing money monetization. “PubMatic’s OpenWrap OTT platform gives preference to viewer interaction while still offering the complexities of the auction headers that improve our customers’ ad efficiency,” said Daniel Riddell, Chief Technical Officer, Kidoodle.TV.

The app further improves the tension between monetization, company legislation, and consumer interface in all advertising. The open-source potential of the prebid framework often helps publishers to maintain strict checks and openness through OpenWrap. “We are pleased to see PubMatic’s solution based on Prebid, enabling increased openness, flexibility, and integration opportunities for family safety,” said Riddell.

OpenWrap offers marketers with real-time auction features for selected and stable inventories in the private marketplace. In addition to first-looking exposure to the product, marketers have greater leverage over ad pods in order to maximize Frequency Capping, strategize preferential exclusion, and avoid back-to-back advertising. We do benefit from the opportunity to refine their ad content to the full in terms of visual actions and the business scenario. Both of these components are creating a positive environment for the audience.

“We are enthusiastic about the latest ideas, size, and tracking we have provided with PubMatic OpenWrap OTT,” said Kinesso’s Vice President, Management and Communication Strategy, Jean Fitzpatrick, Interpublic Community Media and Development Team. Fitzpatrick states that “features such as first-look exposure to the stock of OTT across both accessible and private market locations, modern ad pod reviews and strongly scaled sector versatility both continue to push buyers’ value in OTT further in the near-term.

The platform enforces bid criteria that are focused on corporate regulations such as advertisers and segment exclusions to allow advertisers to recognize what to sell or DSPs to buy. The OpenWrap OTT would incorporate these two benefits to building a scalable, competitive, and open distribution platform in the programmatic advertisement environment between publishers and advertisers. This ensures that viewers ultimately enjoy a more attractive advertising experience like TV.

Fresh period of advertising for OTT

Smart ad strategies in association with the appropriate advertising technology are now necessary for well-thought-out advertising. As the volume of viewers online increases, advertisers and editors must be prepared to lead a broader public to experience quality ads. As we move into the second half of 2020, our publicity ecosystem can use header biding solutions to make the most of the OTT space to make maximum use of its digital publicity investment. PubMatic is a pioneer of this space for screens, video, mobile applications, and now for CTV and OTT, with a decade of omnichannel monetization expertise. Methods such as OpenWrap OTT pave the way towards an established digital advertisement sector that guarantees high pricing towards users and a more monetized delivery of video content and an improved return on ad expenditure.


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