FreshToHome brings India’s first clean label -To-Fry meaty snacks


FreshToHome, the largest fully integrated online brand in the world for fresh fish and meat e-commerce, just gained another achievement. FreshToHome has successfully bridged the gap between great flavor and healthy eating by introducing India’s first clean label Ready-To-Fry (RTF) meat snacks on its website.

Its mouthwatering selection of crunchy snacks, free of preservatives and artificial additives, provides a quick and guilt-free solution for satisfying people’s nibbling requirements throughout the day. This Signature Snacks line features 8 chicken-based snacks created with prime cut meats, real, everyday ingredients that are ready in under 5 minutes, and 2 vegetarian options.

Due to the rise in demand for at-home easy snacking options, the Ready-To-Fry category has experienced significant growth over the previous two years. Young adults and millennials who live alone, employed adults, and families with demanding children are driving this development. Mothers are continually looking for snacks that are not only delicious but also secure for their kids.

“We are happy and thrilled to debut on our platform India’s first clean label Ready-To-Fry meat-based snacks, catering to the ‘Choti book and chomping needs of our consumers,” stated Shan Kadavil, Founder of FreshToHome. We wanted to introduce snacking choices that are distinct from those already on the market because the RTF category offers a large opportunity. The ideal strategy was to introduce a line of products that delivered on the FreshToHome promise of “no chemicals, no preservatives, and no shortcuts” while offering a superior taste. In contrast to most snack products, which have E numbers (which identify food additives) subtly printed at the back of the box, we aim to provide consumers with a clean label product without E numbers without sacrificing flavor or quality.

A 360-degree campaign has been launched by FreshToHome to introduce this line. It consists of the main film with well-known actor Nauheed Cyrusi as the lead, product videos on digital platforms, and influencer videos on social media. Action & Co., a creative firm, conceptualized the campaign. Because FreshToHome emphasizes clean ingredients and sources its products directly from chicken farms, the agency also produced a new packaging design to reflect great taste and quality.

“Ready To Fry category in itself, is very competitive,” stated Viduthalai Marudachalam, founder of Action and Co., about the campaign. We had to choose a thought that was both original and would reveal the emerging truth of the product to ensure that the conversation would break the clutter. At that point, the concept ‘Fresh Crunch‘ was created. The sound of a fresh bite is supported with a distinctive aural first beat! Because of this, we were able to easily incorporate the product truth of a clean label without preservatives. It’s a fun method to promote wholesome munching. Overall, it’s upbeat, stays in our minds, and accomplishes the desired result.

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