Friday Funkaar: A Platform for Artistic Collaboration and Networking

Friday Funkaar
Friday Funkaar: A Platform for Artistic Collaboration and Networking

Friday Funkaar, a vibrant initiative aimed at fostering networking and work opportunities for singers, musicians, and artists across all genres, has emerged as a beacon of creative expression and collaboration. Established as an open and judgment-free platform, Friday Funkaar welcomes singers, dancers, musicians, and poets to showcase their talents while connecting and collaborating with fellow artists, thereby cultivating a robust and supportive artistic community.

Initiated by Musical Dreams and proudly supported by The Artiste Foundation (TAF), Friday Funkaar serves as a safe haven for artists to engage in collaborations, build professional networks, and form meaningful bonds within the fraternity. The essence of this endeavor lies in creating a nurturing environment where artists can thrive and collaborate without fear of judgment.

With the guiding principles of Open Doors, Open House, Open Hearts, Friday Funkaar seeks to empower artists and create opportunities for them to excel in the world of music and entertainment. This event is held bi-monthly, allowing artists to come together and share their creative visions.

Since its inception in 2022, Friday Funkaar has successfully hosted 24 events, showcasing an array of exceptional talents. Many of these artists have become integral members of the Musical Dreams family, underlining the impact and reach of this collaborative platform.

The next edition of Friday Funkaar will take place on the 29th of this month. Renowned Indian Idol 1 finalist and international performer, Harish Moyal, will grace the event with his presence. Harish Moyal, who is also a board member of TAF, will share valuable insights into stage performances and offer guidance on singing, adding to the enriching experience that Friday Funkaar consistently provides.

The Friday Funkaar team invites artists and art enthusiasts to join them in celebrating creativity, collaboration, and camaraderie on the 29th September 2023 to make music, create entertainment, and seize opportunities as we embark on this exciting artistic journey.

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