From Mexico with love: Don Julio, world’s finest tequila, debuts in India

From Mexico with love: Don Julio, world’s finest tequila, debuts in India
From Mexico with love: Don Julio, world’s finest tequila, debuts in India

National, December 5, 2023: Diageo, world’s leading alcobev company, has brought the iconic Don Julio tequila to India. Don Julio tequila has been the spirit of choice for the crème de la crème of the film, fashion, music and arts fraternity globally for a while now. This was experienced in the high decibel, vibrant launch parties across Gurgaon and Mumbai, which saw the who’s who of the fraternity, with the likes of Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor, Nia Sharma, Pooja Gor, Anuradha Menon, Dipannita Sharma, enjoy the brilliant evening that brought alive the legacy of Don Julio and its Mexican heritage.

This tequila’s legend began in 1942 when a young Don Julio Gonzalez started La Primavera, his first tequila distillery, in the Jaliscan Highlands of Mexico with its extreme climate and rich volcanic soil.

Over the next 40 years, Don Julio Gonzalez devoted his life to crafting the world’s finest tequila. He’d walk through the agave fields, cutting the grass around each individual plant to protect it. With a coa de jima in hand, he’d carve flavour from every piña, expertly balancing the bitter and sweet leaves of each agave. Don Julio thought of the agave as his children, not a crop, and through his extraordinary devotion to making exceptional tequila, his legend lives on.

Since 1947, over three generations of Jimador families have worked with Don Julio. It’s their unmatched mastery in planting, farming and harvesting agave and their devotion to Don Julio’s process and methods that keeps the legend of this tequila alive. They painstakingly harvest plant by plant, expertly assessing the age and health of each agave. To increase the quality of their harvest, they handpick and uniformly handcut the agave pencas from the piña. Without the devotion and care of these legendary jimadors, Don Julio tequila’s exceptional quality wouldn’t be possible.

India has seen a massive surge in desire for luxury consumption in the recent years with the rise of a new class of luxury explorers who appreciate exceptional quality, and the arrival of Don Julio to India is a testimony.

Don Julio’s portfolio being introduced to India consists of Don Julio Blanco, Don Julio Reposado and Don Juilo Anejo, and the iconic luxury spirit Don Julio 1942.

  • Don Julio Blanco, known to be a popular choice for cocktails such as palomas and margaritas, embodies hints of citrus.
  • Don Juilo Reposado denotes mellow and elegant flavours of citrus notes and spice layers with hints of ripe stone fruit.
  • Don Julio Anejo which is rather complex in nature is a blend of lime, grapefruit, mandarin and citrus aromas with a rich touch of caramel.
  • Don Julio 1942 is luxury icon and an homage to the man who started it all – it has a rich, complex flavor profile with notes of caramel and chocolate on the nose and heady flavors of tropical fruit, warm oak, vanilla, and roasted agave on the tongue.

Speaking on the eve of the launch, Shweta Jain, the Chief Business Development Officer, Diageo India, said: “Tiera de Don Julio is not just the vibrant world of Tequila, it’s a love letter to the Mexican culture. It has been the serve of choice for the luxury explorers around the world, and it gives us so much joy to bring it to India. Don Julio is crafted with love and at its heart is a creation process which can be savoured when sipped neat or as a Don Paloma, Margherita or a Picante. This iconic launch is here to revolutionise India’s luxury landscape. Por amor!”

An essential must have at parties and the ultimate drink of choice, Don Julio has certainly made its mark with its star-studded launch. Known for crafting unforgettable experiences, the treasured tequila brand symbolizes elements of utmost vibrancy and newness. Marking 81 successful years, the celebratory spirit arrives in style, curating sensational evenings across regions.