Future Generali India Insurance launches #HealthInsideOut campaign to create awareness around Mental Health


Mumbai, October 19, 2020: Considering the higher incidence of mental health issues in India, especially during the on-going pandemic, Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited (FGII), announced the launch of  #HealthInsideOut – an innovative campaign to create awareness on mental health. As the first step of its multi-phased campaign, the brand rolled out the – Total Health Score, a unique self-assessment tool that enables an individual to quantify one’s mental health status. Through this campaign, FGII encourages everyone to take their mental health seriously and emphasises that one’s mental health is as important as physical health to be healthy inside out.  

To create awareness about mental health, the brand associated with 25 influencers including celebrities like Shilpa Shetty, Mandira Bedi, Sunil Chettri, Yasmin Karachiwala, and Ranveer Allahabadia. These extremely physical fit influencers relayed the message that despite having a robust physical fitness regime and eating well, they still scored less than 100% on The Total Health Score because Total Health is both physical and mental.

As a part of this campaign, FGII plans to release a series of videos that would focus on creating awareness around mental wellness and the Total Health Score. 

The Total Health score is a questionnaire & API based assessment that is designed by practising therapists and counsellors who understand the early signs of potential mental health issues. Once the individual completes the assessment s/he will be attributed to a score that outlines the current state of his/her mental health. In addition, s/he will have access to self-care content to understand & manage various mental health issues like stress, anxiety, depression and other related concerns. The self-care content is developed by mental health experts especially for Future Generali.  

Anyone interested in knowing their health score can take this assessment on FGII’s website or use the FG Insure app.                    

Ruchika Varma, CMO, Future Generali India Insurance said, “Today more than 7.5% in India suffer from some form of mental illness and WHO estimates that this number would be 20% by the end of this year. Despite these staggering statistics, mental health is a taboo topic in India. As a brand known for innovation and empathy, we want to spark healthy conversations around mental well being & start a movement to get Indians to take their mental health seriously. The starting point of this movement to get people to understand that mental health is as important as physical health and give them a quantifiable ways to measure it.  Hence, we created the Total Health Score with the help of mental health experts, created a library of self-care content around topics like stress, anxiety, anger, insomnia etc to help understand and manage these conditions and engaged influencers to deliver the message that one needs to be mentally and physically fit to be healthy inside out”  

Amit Akali, Managing partner and Chief Creative Officer, Creative Head What’s Your Problem (WYP) Worldwide, said, “All of us have this predisposition towards thinking of health as only being physical. We don’t even consider our mental health as being part of it.  

That’s what gave us our insight, you can be ‘unhealthy’ no matter what your physical appearance is like. Even people who are physically fit. 

So, we went out to create something which could score someone’s total health and got some of India’s biggest, fittest looking, influencers to know their score. And share it with their followers to make the point. So, if you suddenly see Shilpa Shetty saying she’s not completely healthy, you’re bound to sit up and take notice.”

Total Health Score linkhttp://healthinsideout.futuregenerali.in/  

Please find below the video links  – 

  1. Manidra Bedi – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JGt4FOwKNs  
  2. Yasmin Karachiwala – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXW8Rq95oPs   
  3. Shilpa Shetty  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tMDSZAsFOg 
  4. Sunil Chhetri – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH9eiGaZl0g  
  5. Ranveer Allahbadia – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hT9mI-UVoE  


About Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited 

Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between Future Group – the game changers in Retail Trade in India and Generali – a 189 years old global insurance group featuring among the world’s 60 largest companies*. The Company was incorporated in September 2007 with the objective of providing retail, commercial, personal and rural insurance solutions to individuals and corporates to help them manage and mitigate risks. 

Future Generali India has been aptly benefitting from the global Insurance expertise in diverse classes of products of Generali Group and the Indian retail game-changer Future Group. Having firmly established its credentials in this segment and effectively leveraging on the skill set of both its JV partners, Future Generali India has evolved to become a Total Insurance Solutions Company. 

*As per Fortune Global 500 Ranking (2017) 

*Future Generali India Insurance is certified ‘Great Place to Work’ (December2019-November 2020) 

About Generali Group 

Generali is an independent, Italian insurance Group, with a strong international presence. Established in 1831, it is one of the largest global insurance providers present in over 60 countries with total premium income exceeding €68 billion in 2017. With nearly 71,000 employees in the world and 57 million customers, the Group has a leading position in Western Europe and an increasingly significant presence in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in Asia.


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