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Investors need to keep an eye on tech stocks from reputed tech companies across the world to gain higher ROI in the tech-driven future. It is guaranteed that technology will dominate the world with its smart functionalities in the nearby future. Technology stocks provide stability and confidence to invest valuable time and money of investors ranging from beginners level to professional level.

Analytics Insight provides a list of the top 6 tech stocks, according to Yahoo Finance.

  1. Uber Technologies, Inc.

Current price: US$47.05

Market cap: US$88.66 billion

Uber Technologies, Inc. is one of the top technology stocks for developing and operating proprietary technology applications in different continents. The technology helps to connect consumers with independent providers of ride services efficiently and effectively. It operates through four segments— mobility, delivery, freight, and advanced technologies group.

2. Netflix, Inc.

Current price: US$613.15

Market cap: US$271.38 billion

Netflix is one of the popular tech stocks to buy today for providing entertainment services such as TV series, documentaries, and other shows in different languages. It is known for embedding recommendation systems and artificial intelligence technologies to meet customer satisfaction through different smart devices.

3. Pandora

Current price: US$792

Market cap: US$78.17 billion

Pandora A/S is one of the popular tech stocks that markets hand-finished and contemporary jewelry worldwide with cutting-edge technologies. It is known for operating through a network of 2,690 concept stores and 4,402 other points of sale with automation services.

4. Micron Technology, Inc.

Current price: US$70.99

Market cap: US$79.91 billion

Micron Technology, Inc. is a popular tech stock to buy because it is known for designing, manufacturing, and selling memory and storage products across the world. It operated through four segments— compute and networking business unit, mobile business unit, storage business unit, and embedded business unit.

5. Hitachi, Ltd.

Current price: US$117.94

Market cap: US$57.04 billion

Hitachi is a popular tech company that provides IT, energy, and smart life solutions to Japan as well as other international countries. It offers IT services like IoT, storage systems, servers, scanners, and many more to industries such as manufacturing, energy, healthcare, and many more.

6. Lenovo

Current price: US$26.41

Market cap: US$15.90 billion

Lenovo is an investment holding tech company that markets technology products and services across the world. It operates through two segments— the intelligent devices group and the data center group. It provides the world with commercial and consumer personal computers, desktops, phones, monitors, and many more. It is also known for manufacturing and distributing IT products with computer hardware and software systems repair services.

Investors need to look at tech stocks from reputed tech companies around the world to get high ROIs in the tech-driven future. Technology promises to dominate the world in the near future through its efficient operations. Technology stocks provide investors from beginners to a professional level with the stability and confidence to invest their precious time and money.

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