Lenovo and Smart Learning Solution: Enter “The Smart Companion”


       One of the most affected sectors due to the COVID-19 pandemic is education. It has been more than one year that the schools throughout our country have been shut without any possible signs of opening soon. The pandemic has taken a serious toll on the academics of our children.

       Online education is the only way possible for schools and educational institutions to impart their students with the needed materials and sources for their learning. Students are spending more time before laptops and phones to acquire education and evaluation. 

       Lenovo conducted a survey on virtual education that revealed some challenges the parents and students face that are as follows:

  • Children face difficulty concentrating.
  • Parents needing constant monitoring of their kids.
  • Excess screen time might affect their eyes and aesthetics.
  • The way the children sit might have issues with their body postures.
  • Parents having doubts regarding online learning.

       Need to provide the right results and solutions to the students and parents prompted this campaign to happen. In the new virtual learning set up the software helps its users take control of their digital wellness and track better student engagement in terms of attentive learning. 

       The software reminds the users with the help of pop-up notifications and sound alerts whenever the user shifts his attention away from the screen for too long, prompting the software that the user is not attentive, as the software keeps track of the face and body movements. It also alerts the user to take a break from the screen if the user’s screen time is more than that stipulated time fed to the software. The software also reminds the user to sit back from the screen and straighten up his posture if the user’s proximity is too close to the screen.

       The software comes pre-bundled within Lenovo laptops like Ideapad Slim 3i and Ideapad Slim 5i. “Students miss their friends at school along with the fun and camaraderie that come with it. It is a fact that a tech device can never substitute for a classmate but can be ‘the smart companion’ for a better and improved learning experience at home”, says Amit Doshi – Chief Marketing Officer, Lenovo India.

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