Case Study: Innovating beauty while empowering women, how: Blushington


Covid transformed almost everything, especially the experience of beauty. The general public has become used to learning about, shopping for, and purchasing makeup and other beauty items virtually. The business of beauty has transformed.

Natasha Cornstein, a leading CEO of Blushington, knows better than anyone about makeup classes and beauty items. This case study is not only how to turn your business when a challenge creeps up, but how necessary alterations will boost the business when everything might be in the dark.

She said that she knew beauty was not going anywhere. And so she moved forward rather than flipping a “closed” board and wait till this storm calmed. She also added that they reinvented the brand directed towards a long-term post-pandemic situation. The question was: how? Like mentioned, the general public has become accustomed to new needs, coupled with that their beauty professionals have to be treated right, and all these challenges need attention.

Her analysis of consumer behavior and the strategic decisions that go along with it saved her business. But it also transformed the way consumers shop for and purchase items. She also kicked off careers and boosted the earnings potential of more than 1,000 expert makeup artists.

Consumers want one-to-one relations with beauty experts

In this savvy era, consumers are more knowledgeable than ever, thanks to YouTube tutorials and influencers. In addition to that, they seek genuine relationships with experts who know them and their beauty needs. For instance, Blushington was inspired by the one-on-one business model of leading brands such as Mary Kay and Avon, providing customization and relationships by sprinkling professional, certified makeup artists. As a result, the consumers gain more control over what they seek.

Virtual “connection” might still not be enough

Whether working from home or online is good, however, employees still crave the encouragement of the community. One makeup artist, Britt Scott, revealed that being a freelancer can be lonely. The Blushington Director of Artistry highlights the significance of having a like-minded community where people share experiences, ask doubts, and support you.

The operations of many industries have transformed because of the pandemic, which also includes the beauty industry. Thankfully, enterprises like Blushington authorize women to do what they love in an individualized manner with the capability of good revenue. And for consumers, it offers an easy, safe and accustomed way to purchase, all while holding their hands to look and feel their best. 

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