UN Global Goals in association with Brands


Brands like Google, Unilever, Mars, and Diageo have been recruited by Karmarama and not-for-profit Project Everyone for a campaign of UN’s Global Goals for sustainable development and spark into action.

A “The world’s to-do list” has been created by Accenture Interactive-owned agency which reimagines the UN sustainability goals as a short, actionable to-do list. Giant sticky notes have been displayed with 17 tasks that include “Tackle the climate crisis”, “end poverty”, “end world hunger”, and “Achieve gender equality”.

To make this even more innovative, an ad showing giant sticky notes that carry handwritten goals has been stuck to some iconic structures that can be seen in worldwide locations, spanning from Venice to New York. This ad has been created by Dan Leppanen and Rachel Holding. Meanwhile, Ludo Fealy directed a campaign film that is to be played at the Global Citizen Festival. It is a 24-hour live-streamed festival available across six continents.

As scheduled the there will be a worldwide appearance of the sticky notes on static as well as animated billboards, brand website takeovers, Instagram, and Twitter. Other than this there will be projections on buildings in the UK and DPD van takeovers. With the Rouble Nagi Art Foundation painting murals, giant sticky notes will have their appearance on large-scale art projects across India, and across villages that are now decided to be in five states in association with local communities to support and educate the issues raised by the goals.

“Time is running out. We need to shift from talking to doing if we have to hit the UN’s Goals by 2030. We need to enlist businesses to help us. Everyone can get behind the world’s to-do list which is a simple idea by harnessing the power of business to help save the planet.” The Chief Executive of Karmarama and Managing Director of Accenture Interactive, Ben Bilboul, said.

Meant to coincide with Global Goals Week, the campaign has been launched as an annual event during the UN General Assembly marking the anniversary of the Global Goals, which is taking place during 20-26 September and culminates in the Global Citizen Festival. Further activity is meant to coincide with the COP26 global climate conference in November.

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