BYJU’S & Google join hands to offer Learning Solution


BYJUS came up as one of the fastest-growing educational technology companies. Recently they declare that they had joined hands with Google to offer online learning on various topics to students as well as teachers. Byju has almost 95 million registered students in 10 years. Google workspace collaboration with Byju’s brings a new personalized platform to enhance learning which is available free to the participated education institution.

Google workspace and BYJU aim to integrate education with world-class technology so the users get everything in hand. This pandemic situation brought the need to transform education to be technology-centric as much as possible. Session of 2020 and 2021 engages mostly through online platforms, it’s not easy for students and teachers to be comfortable with this virtual classroom still it’s become a new normal.

This digital ecosystem created for this partnership includes daily classes, messaging, and conducting tests regularly. The curriculum will be updated and Google contributes its best security.

Every school and institution who get registers for this program will be provided an Email id officially created for teachers, staff, and students which will get powered by Google workspace. To ease effective learning at school, this learning ecosystem will facilitate end-to-end Classroom management to students and will help track, assess and organize classroom learning.

With the rapid move to online learning and teaching, educators today are increasingly looking for more meaningful ways to bring their lessons to life, and we hope this offering makes online classes that much more engaging and fulfilling – Bani Dhawan, Google, South Asia

Besides the Google Workspace for Education features that include slides, sheets, Docs, and Google forms, teachers will get access to Google Meet – Google’s premium video conferencing solution – where 100 people can participate for free using Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals – Mrinal Mohit, Byju’s COO

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