Getting Started with the Right Health Insurance Plan


This Pandemic has raised consumer awareness of the importance of health insurance policies, particularly among young folks. Two main reasons where health insurance is a necessity and not an option:

  • The increasing rate of lifestyle diseases
  • Soaring healthcare costs

The pace of modern life is changing rapidly, bringing with it unanticipated health concerns that are difficult to predict.

Covid has also raised awareness of the reality that medical emergencies can strike anybody, at anytime, anywhere, putting great financial pressure on individuals and families. We’ve seen families impacted by this contagious illness, which has cost them their entire life savings, which had been set aside for other goals such as child education, marriage, and post-retirement expenses.

To avoid situations like the one described above, where families lose all of their savings to treat a health condition, it is essential to have health insurance coverage that can protect you from losing all of your savings.

The right insurance plan depends upon each individual requirement and should also fit within his/her budget. If you are clear of your requirements, one can sort out the policy easily.

In case this is your first time looking for health insurance, here is some pointer that can help you choose: 

  • It is generally advisable to purchase personal health insurance coverage at a young age to be prepared for any unexpected situations especially since the millennial generation should obtain health insurance as soon as possible. You are no longer protected by your family floater plan if you have reached the age of 26. So it’s time to pick the plan that’s best for you. Purchasing the plan early saves money in a variety of ways, including lower premiums, a no-claim incentive, and a lesser probability of claim rejection. 
  • The right health insurance plan: It is determined by a variety of criteria, including where you reside, your preferred healthcare network, and the size of your family. A policy that covers not just hospitalization but also related medical bills, as well as outpatient treatments and check-ups, should be chosen. Furthermore, the inflation-adjusted Sum Insured should be carefully chosen following current and future medical treatment and hospitalization costs.
  • Seek out wellness and value-added benefits. Preventive care aids in the maintenance of one’s health. As a result, it is critical to look for health plans that offer additional benefits such as cumulative bonus boosters, wellness programs, and rewards for leading a healthy lifestyle, amongst other things, at no extra cost.
  • Many young adults rely on their employer’s health insurance coverage, but when they move jobs or lose a job, such as during the current pandemic, they are left exposed since they no longer have access to the company’s health insurance benefits.
  • That is why a personal health insurance plan combined with a Super Top Up plan at a low cost is a superb value for money solution to keep you better prepared to deal with health crises and relieve financial stress.

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