Search engines or eCommerce websites for marketers to find consumers?


These days’ technology has become an important part of our day-to-day living. And as people change their behavior, marketers, salespeople, and customer support will need to react.

Also, people, rather than thinking of a desktop experience, a mobile experience, a tablet experience, we need to pursue one holistic approach an Omnichannel experience where customers can use whenever they need it.

Omnichannel may be a multi-channel approach for marketing, selling, and serving customers in a very way that may create an integrated customer experience.  Even it is a multi-channel experience that comes all the way down to a depth of integration. Multi-channel experience is a business investing in today. It consists of a website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter. These are the platforms used to connect with customers.

These days’ consumer interests are changing, it can be online and offline channels. So, it became difficult for the brands and their sales.

To resolve this new journey and behavior patterns, ad: tech and Amazon hosted a panel discussion on the Omnichannel consumer experiences and how marketers meet the expectation of the new consumers.

From 2019 to 2021, consumer interests have changed a lot. Consumers became more conscious about health and hygiene. Also, that makes consumers much more conscious about what they are consuming and where there are spending.

Brands have a clear thought and still researching how the Consumers are making decisions with a clear leaning about the products and the essentials.

Also, consumers are demanding authenticity from the brands and want to know about what marketers are telling. Some of these significant changes during the pandemic have not been a significant challenge.

For the brands the shoppers being online and some shoppers are from Tier-II and Tier-III was an important insight for marketers.

Addressing how media behavior has transformed across various categories. The time is taken to make a purchase has significantly gone up and also observed that change in the user behavior and switch from search engines like Google to marketplaces like Amazon.

Searching on Google can be a lot messier while the e-commerce website provides clear information. So, many brands are launching some major offerings on e-commerce platforms.

The brands need to spend time to build on data-driven insights for optimizing their campaigns. Staying up with culture and keep on innovating will help brands to stay connected with consumers.

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