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Create out of MissMalini’s quickly developing Girl Tribe people group on Facebook, the ‘Girl Tribe’ application is on a consistent development direction with its most up-to-date form by presenting drawing in provisions, for example, micro-communities and occupation highlights.

At the first beginning of a Facebook adventure by Malini Agarwal to spread sympathy, thoughtfulness, and inspiration among 100 girlfriends in 2018, it before long advanced into a way-breaking local area for over 70k+ ladies are as yet expanding every day.

After enormous development inside two years of activity on Facebook, the community differentiated into an exceptionally evaluated application that gives interesting new elements and part encounters and starts significant discussions among an assorted range of ladies, all things considered, foundations and experiences.

The ladies-driven stage urges legitimate distributed discussions, Q&A, individual proposals, and sharing expertise on any subject whatsoever. Individuals can share their perspectives on horde themes like professions, amusement, travel, food, connections, parenthood, and emotional well-being and be a piece of solid conversations that address genuine concerns like harmful relationships or depression

By giving a safe and strictly directed space that permits individuals to bounce into discussions with outsiders, the application works with a truly necessary openness to new viewpoints and perspectives. That, however, ladies can feature their organizations and deal services to an eager community of friends and customers.

The application offers ladies a space to be separated from everyone else together while giving the support of the human association. Furthermore, to additional support connecting with, healthy conversations while reinforcing ladies strengthening, the Girl Tribe application’s most recent key options include:

  • Micro community is dependent on ladies’ interests – This component channels the experience-dependent on your preferences, and interests in movement, food, wellbeing and health, magnificence, and more to make a scaled-down tribe inside the Girl Tribe.
  • Presentation of a Job postings segment – Tribe individuals would now be able to look and apply straightforwardly for occupations recorded in the application. Girl Tribe has collaborated with recruitment experts who rundown occupations applicable to the Girl Tribe crowd and help in work looking for tribe members.

I have consistently been enthusiastic about reshaping the social media world into a positive virtual space by leading effective drives. Girl Tribe is our aggregate vision, where everybody has the right to encounter a kinder and more sympathetic internet” said Malini Agarwal – Founder – MissMalini Entertainment.

India’s first application to offer ‘rewards for positive behaviour’ through a special ‘Positivity Points’ system, Girl Tribe gets rid of ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ to impart kindness. Individuals can rather procure ‘Positivity Points’ occasions they add to the community by beginning a discussion or leaving a remark on somebody’s post. These ‘Positivity Points’ can later be reclaimed at the ‘Tribe Store’ in return for items, virtual occasions, and experiences.

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