Glance and Collective Artists Network becomes Joint Venture


Lock screen-based content provider and owner of video-platform Roposo, Glance announced that it has joined hands with pop culture marketplace and talent management agency Collective Artists Network.

The Glance Collective and the JV company will collectively create and operate various unique brands in collaboration with some of the biggest digital creators in India, which consist of top social media influencers and celebrities. 

This is a first of its kind tactical alliance in the country, where a global content creator and commerce platform has collaborated with a leading talent management agency. The JV brings together the technology of Glance and Roposo and worldwide reach with the strong understanding of the celebrity and influencer world of Collective Artists Networks.

This new partnership will generate immense scope for creators to earn money through part ownership of the brands, while also giving them entry to global markets, through Roposo and Glance’s combined worldwide customer base. 

Even though it is still at a primary stage in India, creator-led, interactive and LIVE commerce is expected to become a 40-billion-dollar sector in India by 2025. This format has already seen incredible success in China where it now amounts for around 20 percent of the country’s total e-commerce sector.

Glance Collective will leverage this new mode of shopping to push sales of its brands, initially on the Roposo app and the Glance lock screen. The products will move across segments such as fashion, apparel, beauty, lifestyle, home and fitness, amongst others. 

Earlier this month, Glance had announced that it was acquiring Shop101, a full-stack e-commerce firm, as part of its entry into celebrity and influencer driven mobile commerce. The robust technology and end-to-end supply chain platform taken over through this acquisition will be used to provide operational support to Glance Collective. 

Collective Artists Networks has more than 70 per cent share in the talent management market. The clients of Collective Artists Network are top celebrities across pop culture which includes South and Bollywood entertainment industry as well as top social or digital media influencers.

Glance has more than 125 million daily active users and delivers content in more than eight languages in India and also Southeast Asia. Roposo, which is a major short video talent platform, has more than 100 million downloads and offers content in twelve languages.

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