82.5 Communications Bangalore wins creative mandate for SpexMojo


In a multi-agency pitch, 82.5 Communications has caught the creative responsibilities of SpexMojo, a novel endeavor of GKB Hitech and Shivkumar Janardhanan, former CEO of Essilor India and South Asia. The agency’s Bengaluru bureau will handle the commercial. 

GKB Hitech is a lens engineering company that deals in modern technological developments in the optical business. It’s the opening company to manufacture advanced, hi-index, and multi-coated lenses in India.  SpexMojo is an omnichannel podium. Its tech-enabled stand will connect customers with opticians, offering them an extensive range and the finest worth products in the marketplace.  SpexMojo also objects to bring into India a range of first-class international brands in the eyewear segment. 82.5 Communications will be in authority for launching and budding the brand from identity formation to brand building.

SpexMojo is India’s foremost connected market, with a task to create life-changing experiences with millions of products from thousands of national, worldwide, and local eyewear brands. 82.5 Communications was tossed on Republic Day, January 26, 2019. It is an ad agency that hopes it is time for ingenious Indian ideas to take the center point, which is why it has taken its name from the longitude of Indian Standard Time, 82.5 degrees east. India encourages resourceful ideas, immense and minor: From making air conditioning with icy bottles of water slung from fans to launching a rocket to Mars at one-tenth the price of NASA. And the people of 82.5 Communications believe that Indian firms—or global companies wishing to flourish in the Indian market—need philosophies like this to triumph. 82.5 is the destination for such resourceful ideas.

Shobit Gupta, Promoter Director of Spexmojo Technologies, alleged the idea SpexMojo is applying will revolutionize the optical business in several ways, from tracking quality products to providing the choice of the consumers in a no-compromise acquisition expedition. Occupied with a reputed agency like 82.5 will carry about first-class creativity and usefulness, he said. Kapil Arora, Co-Chairman & CEO, 82.5 Communications, said that it is certainly a joy to be rendered the mandate to help figure the Spexmojo brand, right from its beginning. There is a catching sense of desire that they share with Team GKB and expect to channelize that into an expressive and unsettling offering for customers. Naveen Raman, Sr Vice-President, and Branch Head, South of 82.5 Communications, added, when they got about the corporate model and the contribution from the client, they knew this is a revolution in the Indian eyecare business.

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