Glucon-D launches the #MyEnergyMaaEnergy campaign to pay a tribute to mothers


Mumbai, 09th May 2021:  Glucon-D has launched a campaign to honour the energy in our lives, our Moms. Mothers always stand by us through thick and thin. On days when we are demotivated, upset, or sad, when our energy to do anything is at an all-time low, mom’s pat on the back, a warm hug or a loving kiss on the forehead immediately brings motivation, happiness, and energy back into our lives. With #MyEnergyMaaEnergy we want to thank our moms for constantly being there for us and surprise them with a small, heart-warming gesture.

The #MyEnergyMaaEnergy campaign thanks moms for being a constant source of energy by collaborating with caricature artists. All the audience has to do is share their photos with their moms and the artists would create a caricature of that photo in real time.

The #MyEnergyMaaEnergy campaign was kick-started on 7th May with a concept driven video. The response has been very positive with 500+ entries so far and more than 700k views on the video across platforms!

Facebook link to access caricature posts:

Instagram link to access caricature posts:


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