#GManeGenius – Parle-G Launches its Latest Campaign


Parle Products, India’s leading manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery, has launched the next leg of the #GManeGenius campaign with three advertisements, considering the importance of the development of emotional intelligence in children. The heartfelt life-message inspires all the films: “Jo auron ki khushi mein, paye apni khushi” in which Parle-G forms an integral part of the narrative. The aim of the campaign is to invoke discussions about genius beyond cognitive intelligence among the audience. As a brand, Parle-G has always been a proponent of believing in good deeds. Parle-G, staying true to these feelings, has stood up as a refuge during some natural calamities to benefit hungry people and sustain low product prices.

This is also in line with the distributed Parle-G biscuit packs of 3 crores to the vulnerable and vulnerable earlier in 2020, which encouraged the company to add more to a humble and loving story. This campaign brings out the brand’s persona and awareness of these timeless values by helping others to find happiness. To demonstrate emotional maturity in children, the TVCs have been conceptualized; they are selfless and believe in others’ goodness, satisfaction and well-being. It is an effort by Parle Goods that recognizes the significance of self-awareness in order to perceive the world with greater empathy. Every film portrays bravery and generosity, and how parents work to ensure that these fundamental values are absorbed by their kids early in their lives.

Mayank Shah who is the Senior Category Head of Parle Products commented on this campaign by saying that they are delighted to begin such a valuable advertisement for the Parle-G biscuits brand that is similar to their values. The slogan, “In the joy of others, lies our own” is the overarching theme of the commercials that display virtues such as empathy and compassion, which are much needed in the society in which they are living today. In their early years, mental maturity is not addressed or accepted, which enhances their character with self- and social memory. To help and keep people happier, there is a need to walk the extra mile. He hopes these movies encourage and communicate with their loyal clients and their strong relationship with Parle-G.

Vinod Kunj who is the Managing Director at Thought Blurb Advt. Ltd. agency is the brain behind the recently introduced TVCs. According to him, Parle-G has been a part of India’s fabric for close to a century and is a sign of goodness for its people. Though possessing the domain of the genius of childhood, it has straddled the smartness and knowledge platform of children. Little children are inherently endowed with a profound sense of empathy in the age of self, fear and self-preservation, but today’s world destroys the natural gift. They wanted to shed a light on this remarkable opportunity that children have to make a difference, touch their hearts and open their eyes to the people around them. They knew that they had an incredible chance to give a powerful message to a generation of children who were struggling to make sense of the world around them. The films carry out children’s vulnerability and how alive and alert they are to their surroundings. In every film, the protagonist steps up to the challenge and comes up with smart ideas for their families, friends and society. This is true genius: being motivated to make a difference in the world in which they live.

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