GraphEffect- the Facebook for Marketers


There is some god news for marketers !! GraphEffect, a social marketing network site which was available only for Fortune 500 brands is now open to the mass marketers!!

Lol! Yes my fellow beings, now you don’t have to be a fortune 500 brand to get access to facebook like world’s largest social network site exclusively for marketers.  Any marketers, that can be a SMB or consultants or freelance marketer can now join GraphEffect to build your teams, design creative and to initiate campaigns in collaboration with other companies in the social site.

Before going further, let me explain about GraphEffect for those who wonder what the entire buzz is about??

GraphEffect is a company that offers a common online platform for companies to collaborate their marketing activities with other organization on the platform.  You can compare it with facebook, where you can connect with people, share and post contents. GraphEffect  is similar to facebook but the  only difference is that this network site is dedicated for marketers.

GraphEffect entered the social media world two years ago with a solution to marketers for establishing streamlined communication between brands, advertisers, creative heads and buyers. Marketers always always had the challenge in communicating with multiple partners to get their work done on time. GrapfEffect plugged this gap, but till now it was available only to fortune 500 brands and consultancies.

If you doubt whether the site would work for you, then let me tell you that companies like American Express, Samsung, Toyota and among others have successfully experimented the social networking site for marketers . GraphEffect has worked well for these companies to organize various marketing functions such as planning, content creation, analysis, social advertising with that of other companies.

Now James Borow and Clark Landry, cofounders of GraphEffect are making the wealth available for all of us.!!!

Socila media marketing have been evolved a lot in the past few years but the way we marketers work on them have not changed. Folks, I have got the gut feeling that GraphEffect will set a new trend by building a platform for the marketers to collaborate and work together smarter than ever before.

Check out the features of GraphEffect:

  1. Your Team: This is the place where you can keep your team in one place. You will be able to collaborate with coworkers, agencies, vendors or anyone those who can do wonders for your business.
  2. Apps:  This is the place you can bring your co-workers together while you are working.
  3. Work smarter: This feature helps to run your social ad campaigns, optimize ads, analyze the performance and follow ups keeps you update on the campaigning process by not stopping from what you are doing.
  4. Private conversation in context: This helps you to  communicate privately with your co-worker without involving any clarification in case if any question has to be answered or to get some clarification.

So Marketers, open  a new account and find your partner and market together!!!!


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