Green Grocery Start-Up Fraazo Unveils their New Digital Campaign


Unveils a series of videos showcasing the freshest groceries delivered from farm-to-home in 12 hours

National, 16th March, 2022: Indians have a unique and intimate relationship with food. The daily routine of shopping for ingredients, cooking a meal and sharing it with family or friends each day induces a special bond among members that leads to many special memories. Understanding the integral role of food in building connections with loved ones, leading e-grocer, Fraazo has launched their new digital campaign that endeavours to capture the brand’s conscientious and happy ecosystem which ensures consumers get the freshest of farm produce to make every meal special.

Fraazo’s digital campaign unveils the journey of joy of all the stakeholders involved in the process of procuring to receiving farm-fresh produce from Fraazo. Offering the best-in-quality fruits and vegetables hand-picked and sourced from the best farms is what makes the green grocer special. 

Through their one-touch delivery model, Fraazo ensures that the delivery of their produce is made with minimal handling and due diligence in the process of quality checks. The series of videos launched in their latest campaign take audiences through the journey of the produce conveying the earnest way in which they are delivered to consumers. The video captures a farmer reaping his harvest of fruits and vegetables with tenderness and gratitude followed by the Fraazo delivery rider acquiring it from their collection centers with zeal and completing the order diligently and as fresh as it was in the farms.

The idea behind the campaign is to underline the positive ecosystem that Fraazo has created among its farmers, riders and employees who ensure the delivery process of their produce is as joyous as they feel while undertaking it. The brand’s­ goal is to leave no stone unturned to delight customers and contribute to the special memories they make with their loved ones through meals.

Commenting on the launch of the digital campaign, Vikas Dosala – Co-founder and COO of Fraazo said, “Our mission at Fraazo is to ensure that all our customers receive farm-fresh groceries to experience the love and care with which the farmers harvest. The process of sowing to reaping is one that every cultivator puts immense care in and at Fraazo we take extreme caution to ensure the produce is as fresh as it was when the farmers gathered it. Our thorough quality checks and end-to-end supply chain enable the delivery of this produce to consumers with minimal handling. We are the largest green grocer in India and our rapid growth journey will continue as we reach greater number of Indian homes.”