Koo’s Holi Anthem – #HarRangKiHoli Invites Indians to Celebrate the Colors of Joy in their Own Style

  • #HarRangKiHoli is especially significant since Holi will be celebrated with utmost fervor this year, post muted celebrations in the last two years
  • The Koo anthem has been composed by Siddharth Saxena and Chandan Jaiswal, sung by Chandan Jaiswal, with music by Swapnil Tare and lyrics by Richa Dholi 

National, March 16, 2022: The Koo App has launched a rousing Holi anthem – #HarRangKiHoli – to stimulate Indians to celebrate the festival of colors in their own ways by flaunting their distinct traditions. #HarRangKiHoli – through influencers and celebs – weaves in cultural diversities and ethos from across India. From glimpses of Uttar Pradesh’s Lathmar Holi which is played with colors and sticks, to capturing Punjab’s Hola Mohalla which is an amalgamation of folk dance and martial arts, further panning down to Goa’s vibrant Shigmo where locals welcome the spring, to the Dol Jatra in West Bengal which includes a grand procession of Lord Krishna – the anthem aptly reflects the sentiment of ‘many cultures, one emotion’. 

The anthem invites Indians to exhibit the unique ways in which they celebrate the festival. Users on Koo – through hashtags like #Milerangmeratumhara #SabkiBoliHappyHoli #IndiaKiHoli – have been sharing videos and photographs which aptly capture their rituals, festive recipes, cuisines and heritage.

Said a Koo spokesperson, “Our platform salutes everything that India celebrates; whether it’s sports, elections, movies, or festivals. Holi is one of India’s most popular festivals and is celebrated differently across states. 2022 is special since people are now vaccinated, and hence eager to celebrate Holi with utmost gusto and enthusiasm after two years. Koo – as a platform which empowers people to express themselves in their native language – is thrilled to showcase India’s celebratory mode through #HarRangKiHoli, and we invite everyone to come onto our platform, share their Holi traditions, and interact with like-minded people in a language of their comfort. Wishing you all a safe and Happy Holi!”