Growth in the Indian Automotive Industry: Faster than Cars


The Year 2020 has certainly has slashed a spontaneous change in the fast-moving pace of the automotive sector which has seen the Pinnacle of development and cutting-edge technology. It is said that “The Wheel” is the discovery that changed the last few centuries, it is no joke to understand that something that simple could have triggered the growth of a massive industry that is supporting pillars of great Nations including our own.

In India, the automotive sector is growing at a fast rate of 9.5% per year. This Growth rate has put the sector in the fourth largest in the world. The reduction in GST is promising to increase FDI. This will certainly increase the number of manufacturers to increase production at the same time encourage citizens to make new purchases of electronic vehicles at a time when fuel prices are skyrocketing. 

Understanding Mobility and Connectivity

Various automotive companies have come up with Ground-breaking discoveries in terms of mobility and connectivity. Not to mention the fact that the cars are embedded with systems that can show you the way from point A to point B which makes traversing a lot easier. This is the effect that evolution has on certain aspects in terms of mobility.

Beauty of E-Vehicles

Electric vehicles will have a long-lasting impact because it is environment-friendly, cost-effective in terms of fuel, and the limited resources like fossil fuel and other non-renewable resources can be focussed elsewhere more attention is required. These actions can have a lasting impact on the coexistence of earth and human beings itself.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. Currently, a car can be driven fully automatically without a driver. Machine Learning has allowed programmers and developers to create an algorithm from which the computers in the car’s system can learn from the surroundings will help the automotive sector to understand the surroundings and react accordingly so that they can deliver a much better experience.

User Interface

The interface is where a user interacts with the system. It is very important a lot of clutter and complicated method of presentation would hinder a person from achieving maximum efficiency. Android auto is an interface option in cars where your mobile phones can be connected to the system so that ease of access in case of convenience or emergencies.

Safety Concerns

The Government of India has made compulsory to install ADAS in all the vehicle which would be sold by 2022. ADAS stands for the Advanced Driver Assistance System which is the core brain of every autonomous vehicle to promote safety. The system uses multiple cameras around the car to detect objects and pedestrians to avoid collision and this would help for a fully automated experience.

Predictive Analytics

Real-time data would help the compilation of data that is gathered. The massive chunks of data gathered will reflect the comprehensive simplification of data for communicating basic information like traffic jams, nearby collisions, accidents and even sending SOS messages to concern service providers in any case of emergency.


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