Microsoft ready to move to Android with Surface Duo, the dual screen smartphone


Microsoft ended the support for Windows Phone in July 2017 and in October of the same year they have stopped the active development on Windows 10 Mobile which contributed to the platform ‘s death. Microsoft is now ready to make its way back to the market with the Android platform.

Microsoft in its Latest blog announced that ‘Surface Duo’ will be launched globally at an initial price around ₹1,04,000 on 10 September. The device is Microsoft’s Android-powered dual-screen smartphone that was announced last year.

The Microsoft Surface Surface Duo, commonly known as the Surface Duo, is an upcoming foldable device unveiled on October 2, 2019, during Microsoft’s Surface Hardware Meeting. The app would act as a complement to the Microsoft Surface Neo which runs Windows 10X, which was also revealed during the same event.

The Surface Duo, like the convertible laptops, has a 360-degree hinge which enables users to fold the device. Surface Duo devices have two different displays unlike the foldable phones from Samsung and Huawei. The device has two 5.6-inch OLED displays with aspect ratios of 4:3. Together they make a single 8.1-inch form factor with3:2 aspect ratio and 2700×1800 pixel resolution.

The design of the device is such that it operates like multiple screens as on Windows computers, by giving a PC like an experience despite being a mobile.

Surface Duo provides an Octa-core Snapdragon 855 chipset Qualcomm processor along with 6GB & 8GB RAM variants with internal memory of 256GB & 512GB.

Snapdragon 855 is a high-performance 64-bit ARM LTE processor on a Qualcomm-designed chip and released in late 2018. Qualcomm released their new Snapdragon 865 chipset flagship as a sequel to the Snapdragon 855 smartphone device last year. Yet the system offering a year-old processor may be considered as a drawback.

The device comes with an 11-megapixel camera that supports 4K and HDR recording and electronic image stabilization.

They believe that if Microsoft can cope with the software features very well in its performance the one-year-old processor will not be a disappointment. The Android operating system itself has come a long way since Microsoft’s previous models and they believe to satisfy their customers.

Although Microsoft has been marketing the newest Surface-branded notebooks in India, it is uncertain when the Surface Duo will be launched in India. The target market of Microsoft, for this phone, remains business class and users of the enterprise.


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