FMCG growth at a faster pace, advertisements hold the key?


Growth in Fasting moving consumer goods (FMCG) category is seen at a faster pace in India during these pandemic times. The sales are almost high when compared to any other category. How is this still riising? Is Advertisement the main source for its growth? The experts believe that the success depends on the advertisement and the content shown in those ads.

Current pandemic is not an issue

Due to COVID 19, the sales were expected to be decreased. Surprisingly the opposite has happened. The sales growth for some products has an increase in double-digit. It is all because of the advertisements that help in gearing up the sales. The traditional TV Commercial ads play an important role in this.

FMCG is the one sector that invests more in TV commercials. Advertising is considered to be the main means of informing consumers about the product. Big FMCG’s like HUL, P&G are investing more in the advertisement.

Brand and the competitive market

Brand marketers are working more on the creative aspect of the product to get a consumer’s attention.  Almost every consumer are exposed to ‘n’ number of ads every day. The one thing that helps a brand to stand out of the box is creative content.

Current scenario

Social media is one thing that is ruling the whole world. Be it rural or urban, everyone is using social media every single day. To get attention from the people, the advertisers can work smart by taking social media as a platform to advertise their content. Social media marketing can bring many great changes in the purchasing decision of the consumer.

Demand plays a game

Both rural and urban areas are demanding more on FMCGs. Huge brands are sustaining because of the many innovations that are being brought by them. Delivery at their doorstep, timely delivery etc are the services provided by the big brands during the pandemic situation.

The major decision in advertising

Even though some goods are providing with a double-digit increase in margin, some of them are still facing fall. This could be changed by lowering the budget on advertisement for those particular products. Working on the budgets are more important for any category sales. Having control over the advertisement budget will help in attaining a breakeven point for those products or brands. Thus it is always good to take sides of the current trend and go with the flow.


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