Growth of moment marketing in the digital era


The pandemic has thrown a curveball to the entire world, with marketers and memes riding the wave first. Since Y2K, the biggest event in human history has given every sector the most unpleasant pause conceivable to unscramble not only their thinking but also customer desire. 

Given the circumstances, establishing a footprint in a crowded market at a time when both buyers and boardrooms are flocking to digital is a monumental undertaking for the modern marketer. 

Digital has reduced not only the kids but also the window for generating brand buzz in the post-advertising world, leaving managers and markets on the lookout for new ways to keep the ball going. 

Furthermore, this crossover universe borrows heavily from popular culture to the point where these strategic hijinks have been dubbed topical marketing. 

A hyper-focus on its moments, with mentions, hashtags, and tweets tagging along. So whether it’s the IPL, the Game of Thrones Finale, the Olympics, or a new BTS song, moment marketing’s organic momentum, and almost stampede-like trajectory has businesses enthralled for all the right reasons. 

Moment marketing isn’t failsafe, as seen by its wild-west atmosphere and out-of-the-box approach. Successful social listening, on the other hand, is what takes it beyond buzzwords. 

The ultimate goal is to develop a campaign that will be remembered for its inventiveness and longevity in the future, but that first and foremost satisfies the insatiable consumer thirst for trending issues, subjects, interests, and curiosities that jointly penetrate the buying behavior consciousness. 

This morphing matrix of big data, social soliloquy, genre-hopping, and digital upbringing is made up of unique and relatable takes. Half intuitive, part strategic, this morphing matrix of big data, social soliloquy, genre-hopping, and digital upbringing is made up of unique and relatable takes.  

It takes pop culture and, like Neo, incorporates it into the lives of brands and the individuals who work for them. 

Moment marketing is about analyzing essential in-ways for distinctive and exciting moves that bring entertainment value and brand glory, much like a blood sport. Technique, craft, rep, and the structure of brand-led thinking must all be perfected before being undone in this space. 

Smart companies and marketers will be able to handle the catch-22 scenario that moment marketing presents while reaping the high advantages of enormous consumer reach at low costs in the service of high brand recall and deeper customer connections. When the proper mindsets and objectives meet the correct message, brand alchemy becomes appealing. 

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