GS Caltex to Celebrate Every Feb 2nd as ‘National Mechanic’s Day’


GS Caltex is one of India’s leading premium lubricant firms, with premium lubricants that deliver exceptional performance in both the B2B and B2C segments.

The company commemorated its 12th Anniversary by dedicating it to the country’s mechanics, who have played a critical role in keeping vehicles roadworthy and safe to drive.

The company declared February 2nd to be “National Mechanic’s Day,” and plans to commemorate it every year on their anniversary. On Mechanics Day, GS Caltex unveiled a new marketing ad video across all digital channels.

The ad is based on a mechanic’s feelings and perceptions of an automobile as if they are conversing with the machine and it has life. Giving the mechanics a ‘Gaadi Ke Doctors’ pedestal.

When the world seemed to come to a halt during the pandemic, it was vehicles that kept things moving, but what happens when a vehicle stalls? We call the mechanics!

They have always been there for us, from doing everything we ask of them to doing even more. GS Caltex believes it is past time for us to thank them for everything they accomplish. To commemorate the completion of 12 years in India, GS Caltex wanted to honor every mechanic in the country and designate this day as National Mechanics Day.

K Madhu Mohan, General Manager – Marketing, GS Caltex India, stated that completing 12 years was a fantastic achievement for any business. With GS Caltex approaching that milestone, they wanted to do something special to commemorate the occasion and give back to the mechanic community that helped them become who they are.

He went on to say that competent men and women have made a significant contribution to their success, so they chose to dedicate a day to them. Mechanic’s Day is more than a holiday or a campaign for them. It’s way overdue, and GS Caltex is happy to have been at the forefront of this campaign.

GS Caltex imports about 80 different types of crude oil from 30 different nations in the Middle East, the United States, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Europe.

A steady supply is ensured via a diverse sourcing strategy. They use their refining capacity of 800,000 barrels per day (bpd) and cutting-edge production technologies, which include desulfurization facilities for kerosene and diesel, to manufacture high-quality petroleum products.

In addition, they have the nation’s largest heavy oil upgrading (HOU) facility, with a capacity of 274,000 bpd, generates light oil products and high-grade gasoline.

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