Cadbury Dairy Milk Launches New Campaign


Cadbury Dairy Milk, India’s most popular chocolate brand, has launched a new campaign called ‘Fridge Mein Meetha, Toh Ghar Meetha,’ which demonstrates how keeping’meetha’ on hand may help make everyday moments sweeter.

With individuals spending more time indoors, the campaign highlights everyday relatable times where consumers, intentionally or unwittingly, open their refrigerators for small moments of pleasure, elevating their ordinary experiences.

With the pandemic offering new snacking opportunities, the commercial encourages people to stock up on Cadbury Dairy Milk in their refrigerators to turn everyday moments into a ‘meetha’ celebration. It also connects to Mondelez India’s mission of providing the right snack, at the right time, in the right way to its customers.

Anil Viswanathan, Vice-President – Marketing, Mondelez India said that a vital part of India’s joyful and decadent moments for the last seven decades, Cadbury Dairy Milk continues to be synonymous with the term chocolate in the country.

He also stated that their latest campaign, titled “Fridge Mein Meetha, Toh Ghar Meetha,” highlights instances where a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk can transform otherwise ordinary times into sweeter ones, and how these occur every day and in every family.

They also want people to store up on Cadbury Dairy Milk in their refrigerators as a snacking leader, creating category development prospects beyond rapid consumption. Brands that engage with consumers while they are nesting at home, they believe, will have a deeper connection and help develop long-term partnerships.

The campaign includes six heartwarming videos that depict daily scenarios in which individuals turn to their refrigerators to eat their favourite chocolate. Simple scenarios that India has only been more aware of in the last two years of the pandemic are among the brilliantly documented instances.

These shorties are sure to strike a chord with every customer, from mid-work nibbling to nocturnal desires to getting over the heat of spicy cuisine or bribing our loved ones with a Cadbury bar.

‘Fridge Mein Meetha, Toh Ghar Meetha’ is set to develop a deeper cultural link through a multi-year high-decibel disruptive marketing campaign, determined to influence a permanent space for itself in every Indian family.

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